“Cold” Weather Brings GORGEOUS and Yes, Chilly Weather to Ambergris Caye

When temperatures dip into the 60s on Ambergris Caye, the weather is what EVERYONE is talking about in town.  The wind has shifted and has been blowing from the north – yesterday’s temperatures dipped down to the high 60s in the very early morning – and the weather is crispy and clear and absolutely gorgeous.

WIndfinder: The best predictor of weather for Ambergris Caye that I know

I know this will elicit many responses from those who experienced blizzard-like conditions in the NE USA (and even NYC!) or those who live in currently frigid Ohio…but it really is all relative!  Yesterday there were plenty of sweatshirts and jackets and even winter hats to be seen in San Pedro – especially if you were going out on the water.

Maybe it’ll make you feel better if I show you some pictures from the last few days – the February cold front in Belize.  (Sorry…low blow)

I’ll start with Frannie’s cute little butt (a total Corgie bottom) trotting to the beach…

You can see all the tiny black snails along the edge of the water…thousands of them.

Coco posing at her home, Tuto Belize.

Coco at Tuto

Tuesday I headed into town…and drove slowly along the beach road in Boca Del Rio.  I stopped to take some pics of fisherman Eloi cleaning some fish and feeding the pelicans.

Such a gorgeous day I waded in…

And watched the pelicans get up close for some scraps and then Whiskey the dog would pop out from under the dock and they would all retreat.  Back and forth…super cute.

Eloi Gonzalez fishing

Can you spot Whiskey?

A sting ray joins the party…he flutters over my feet, harmlessly, and I retreat.

A little bit father down the beach…


And then some quick snapshots yesterday on my dog walk…I’ll leave it there.  Stay warm San Pedro!

a yellow crowned night heron keeping a close eye on the dogs…

Yellow crowned night heron

And a look at the beautiful property at Tuto Belize – our neighbor.



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