Feeling Back to Normal-ish: Running Errands Around Town

It’s been almost a year.  It was about mid-March 2020 when lock-downs started to ripple across the world.  (“Ripple” makes it seem like something gentle and tranquil…what a SHOCKING time.)  The last guests at the camp departed March 10th.  The group coming the very next week,  from Canada, canceled.

The camp is re-opening in about a month…there is SO much to do.  Yesterday felt like our first official errand run for the camp – pick out paints and a bunch of provisioning.  Chatting with shop owners about how business is.  Overall status:  feeling better but they can have a good week and then a very slow week.

My estimation is we are at 25-30% of “normal” late February numbers.  It’s SOOO hard to say.

As you might imagine, I took a bunch of photos.  Very few of them are of running errands.  What are you gonna do?

Photos on “Backa Back Street” – the street, in town, along the lagoon where most of the fishermen dock their boats.  Including non-fisherman Jeff.

I was told that this boat is for sale…for just a couple thousand US dollars.  WHAT a cutie.

Laundry in the sun.

We headed to two spots south of town – and did a little drive around to see what has changed…AND to search for this graffiti art.  Located across the street from Caye Coffee…the roads are a bit tricky back there but you’ll see the signs.  Including this one…

Cute right?  I love it.

We also passed this new building on one of the canals…

Sunset Canal Condominiums.

And then this little cutie tucked closer to the main road.

And after posting this – I got a message from an island resident.  You can rent this spot for $700bzd a month – not bad, right?  Here is her Facebook page for more photos and information.

Looks like she’s waiting for the first big snow.  And with what happened recently in Texas?  No…no.  Not possible!


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