Happy Destiny Cabanas: The Perfect Home Base for Exploring North Caye Caulker

Where I Stayed On Beautiful North Caye Caulker and Why It’s A Great Spot to Explore this Bigger-Than-You Thought Island

Pretty much everyone who visits Caye Caulker falls in love.  With the easy laid back vibe.  The pastel-colored wooden homes and electric blue sea.   Bicycling around on the sandy streets, swerving only to avoid a lazy, local dog during his mid-day sun siesta or a vendor selling banana bread. Caye Caulker is a tiny village where you feel like you know almost everyone by the end of your trip.

BUT…Caye Caulker is not only the village…it’s the entire island.  And many people only see the village when they visit…a portion of the south side of the island – especially if you are there for a day trip. But Caye Caulker is actually NOT a tiny island..or not THAT tiny. 

It’s actually 5 miles long – split by…The Split!  You can see it below – where the caye is cut in two.

The Split viewed via Google Earth (you can see the more densely populated village in the south)

And then by plane…

And then at ground level.  The Split and the very popular Lazy Lizard Bar…

And only in the last 10 or so years has real development started on the larger northern part of the Caye Caulker.   There were always a few private homes.  And then came electricity.  And then Koko King – the gorgeous beach club, small hotel, and a great restaurant – opened.

It’s one of the top beaches in Belize.

Beach at Koko King

But while things are growing…North Caye Caulker maintains a very rural feel.  Sand paths…giant flocks of parakeets calling (screaming) in the trees…flowers and tree and…as they say in Belize, “bush”.  You are just a few minute boat ride from the Split but it feels like you have this side of the island to yourself.  I love North Caulker.

And last weekend, I stayed at a fantastic. comfortable and very reasonably priced spot so I could explore – Happy Destiny Cabanas.

So let’s head north of “The Split” – first I’ll show you Happy Destiny and tell you what I loved about it.  And show you a project that they are working on nearby that is going to make the North SIde of Caye Caulker even better.  And then my pictures from the area.

I need to get back…I barely scratched the surface!

Where I stayed:  Happy Destiny Cabanas

Happy Destiny Cabanas sit right on the main road (though it’s more of a path) that runs south to north on the island.

A walled oasis…5 cabanas – 4 with one bed and one 2-bedroom, around a pool.

The perfect way to explore…

My favorite favorite thing – these amazing day beds.

“Go Slow” in the unofficial official motto of Caye Caulker.

The pool seating.

There is a BBQ and cooking area under …where you can cook or bring in a chef to cook for you.

The two-story look-out/sunning/hammock/amazing sunset viewing tower.  Look at that gorgeous view.

Sunset North Caye Caulker

The rooms are fully kitted out with everything I needed.  Air conditioning, TV and a really great kitchen.  Coffee maker and coffee, microwave, a small refrig, plates, set of knives…I had everything I needed.  And more.

My room…

I peaked into the two-bedroom as well…a really nice sitting area between the two bedrooms and a kitchen with lots of space.

How fun would it be to rent the whole spot (that is an option) – for your family or with your friends?  What an epic vacation where YOU ARE THE HERO!

Odds are you’d find me on one of the day beds with a book and a Diet Coke on ice.

Now just across the way from Happy Destiny is a new business…getting ready to open later this Spring called The Mercado.

The Mercado

Just a few weeks ago, I saw this post on Facebook.

And last weekend, I saw the site.  Brought to you by the same folks as HappY Destiny, The Mercado is going to be a cafe, a shop, a grocery store, a provisioner, a grocery store, a wine and cigar shop on North Caye Caulker and…it looks VERY promising.

You can check out the provisioning for Caye Caulker here.

Here is the building.

Tucked in between Happy Destiny and the large development, Blue Zen which is still growing.

Blue Zen Resort – Phase One.

You can check out my stay at Blue Zen last year here.

I think the Mercado is going to be a very popular spot.

And last…my morning walk from Happy Destiny down to the north side of the Split on a beautiful and very breezy morning.

A Walk Along North Caye Caulker

Happy Destiny is a 15-minute slow walk down to the Split…or a very short bike ride away.   It’s a lovely sandy road all the way down…

Looking back north at the HD.  (You can walk on a path north from here as well…I was told for about a mile.  I save that for next time!)

I said Good Morning to a few people but it was mostly me and the wildlife.

The evil eye from this osprey.  She was tending a huge nest atop a telephone pole with at least one chick.  She did not like me looking long…

The Pineapple House!

Pineapple House Caye Caulker

This cute tiny house with a great sunset viewing porch…

A huge cleared area on the west side…

The tiny shop…

My favorite fence in the world.

Turn off to beautiful Koko King…

A look over the mangroves at the water.

And then down to the north side of the Split.  The tiny restaurant told me their special that day was Pig Tail.

And a guy was catching the boat service across the Split to the village.  (There are a few!)

It was a VERY gusty morning and it was a two-oar operation…

I love it.  And need to explore more.

Check out Happy Destiny Cabanas.  What a great home base for exploring.  For ease of exploring, they also coordinate with Blue Zen for boat service back and forth to the village…

Ambergris Cayers looking for a getaway right now…may I suggest North Caye Caulker?  It’s a barefoot, easy-breezy spot that recalls Ambergris Caye probably 20…30…even 40 years ago!  The perfect vacation from “city life” 😉

Just remember to Go Slow.

Explore North Caye Caulker


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