Luxurious Alaia Resort On Ambergris Caye Is Almost Ready to Open and…WOW

Alaia Resort – a part of the beautiful Marriott Signature Collection (wow!) – is weeks away from opening!  I’ve been seeing some unbelievable posts and pictures of it on social media – so I wanted to stop by for myself.  You can certainly get a sense of the scale from the roadside but it’s not until you step behind the temporary construction walls that I could really see what was happening.

Here is my last visit in early October 2019.

So much has changed!

It’s hard to even put words to it…my mouth was literally hanging open behind my mask.  It is sleek and modern and absolutely gorgeous – the beautiful carved woods, the stone tiles, the landscaping.  The HIGH ceilings…the attention to detail is insane.  And there are no small amount of details to tend to.  Four restaurants, a 650-custom wine display and room being coordinated, a baby grand piano (self-playing option!  Matte white!) arriving any day now.

There are 155 unites in total – the coordination…the amount of artwork…tvs…furniture… even numbers and signs on the doors and in the hallways…it’s quite overwhelming.

It’s all a bit surprising and undoubtedly gorgeous and luxurious…let me show you the photos!  You should see how many workers doing the finishings – 200?  300?  Tiling…landscaping…finishing…chefs from France and from Germany tasting greens and working on menus…It’s incredible!

Because you can get all the information from their website – minus my hemmin’ and hawin’.

To the photos!

Let’s head to the pool on Floor five that looks down on the entry way from this street.  The pool is “suspended” between two buildings.  See it spanning across?

Instagram pictures will be taken here by the 1000s.

Standing on one of the glass eye holes looking down on the construction crew!  The pool will be filled in the next week or two.

The views are incredible – looking west back toward the San Pedro lagoon.

We went to one of the condo units and THE VIEW.

The cool clean, I would never want to mess it up kitchen.  A huge island…an outsized high ceiling.

Back down to the pool…

The pool house getting this gorgeous tiling.

Into one of the villas.  Vast spaces…super high ceiling…doors that have to be over 10 feet tall.  Gorgeous.

The bathtub of my dreams.  Showering as you look over the ocean and your private plunge pool…

Furniture all being unwrapped.  That alone is an epic job.  Everything is when multiplied by 155.

I kept dropping hints…if you ever receive any furniture that is scratched or broken…I would love to own a piece or two of this gorgeous stuff.

Lots of Belizean hardwood pieces too.

We went over to Banyan Bay – the resort next door that has improved a massive face-lift to bring her in line with her uber-luxe sister resort Alaia.

And took my hard hat off…WOW.  This blabbing blogger was left pretty speechless.

For more information about Alaia Belize check out the website or you can book already at Marriott here!  (Opening May and the rates are…WAY less than I thought.  A Grand Opening Promotion!)



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