Beautiful Windy March Weather on Ambergris Caye

Consider this blog post a “quickie” before I get to all my pictures of Ray Caye off the coast of Placencia.  I’m headed to town earlier than usual –the camp is opening later this week and things are busy!

Yesterday was a beautiful day…the Easter winds are blowing (tomorrow morning, they are predicted to get even stronger)

Seasons of Belize:  I think there are 4 seasons in Belize – Winter, Easter Winds, Summer and Storm Season.

Anyway…before we run to town here are my photos from yesterday.

The popular Wayo’s Bar has re-located – and looks to be putting the final touches on the brand new dock and bar less than 2 blocks north of their old location in Boca Del Rio.  (Aka Rum Row – home to about 8 bars along this pretty pretty stretch of beach just south of the bridge)

Looking south you can see Hurricane’s Bar and after that is the OLD Wayo’s location.  Now the Ugly Duck.

I continued walking a bit…

Here’s my ride!

He told me that he just saw a wide boat from the mainland delivering logs on Back-a-Back Street.  Let’s go have a look!

The boat, the Neily C., was also labelled OUTTA BUSH Exotic Supplies.  Intriguing!  I made a note to look that up later.

Supplies for making a palapa that would be headed far north…

I love the twisted gnarled wood – usually used for the decorative poles that hold up the palapa but I never understand the name of the wood they tell me!  Worry wood?  Wari Wood?  Does anyone know?

Here is the Facebook page for Outta Bush Rustic Builders out of BEAUTIFUL Sarteneja Belize.  Not too much information here…but scroll through some of their older photos.  They do some VERY cool work.

Sleepy Sarteneja Village:  Glowing Waters and Art!

On the way back north, traffic was diverted.  We passed the Green Iguana Sanctuary tucked on the back lagoon and there is a bunch of VERY pretty new signage.

It looks so great and is a MUST see in San Pedro.  Look for it in my next version of my book.  FOR SURE!

You know the one…

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