Return to the Camp: New Thatch, Wild Tobacco and Happy Dogs

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day to return to Cayo Frances Farm and Fly for a long weekend.  (Monday is Heros & Benefactors Day in Belize – formerly Baron Bliss Day – a proper bank holiday Monday in Belize)

Who was Baron Bliss?  A very interesting character who donated his fortune to Belize but never set foot on our shores.

We all (3 dogs, 2 humans) have not overnighted at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly in almost a year.  And it’s bustling…lots of work and preparation for re-opening in less than a month (fingers crossed)

This crew does not travel light – thank goodness for the station wagon-golf cart.

Frannie was the first in…but the big dogs needed to be loaded in.

Headed into town – did the shopping we could do with three dog (one who wants to ride standing up with her front paws on your shoulders)…

Gorgeous day.

To the gas station.  First mate Frances at the ready.

And then out the lagoon to the back side of the island.  The water is glass clear.

Cayo Espanto…always trying to see if Leo is there…but I saw nothing.

My 2019 trip to Blackadore Caye:  Leo DICaprio’s Island not far from here

Another HAPPY dog on the boat.

We pulled in to the thatching project almost completed!

We ordered 2000 palm leaves from the mainland at $1.25bzd cut and delivered to the island.  It is not cheap but..if it is cut by a reliable thatcher (one who thatches?) within a few days of the full moon, that thatch lasts for 10+years and looks beautiful.

And when green, it smells SOOO good.

The thatch was delivered in 50 branch bundles – and I love these beautiful vine ties.  Wreaths?  I want to figure out something to do with them…

And now pictures around the camp.  We had the wettest rainy season in a few years (late October thru mid-January) and the prettiest tobacco is springing up everywhere.  Some have to be 6 or 7 feet tall…

Locally called “Fronto” or “Fonto” and apparently very good for rolling weed in.  As with everything these days, you can find it on YouTube.  How to Roll Your Blunt in Fronto Leaves.

The sapodilla tree is full of fruit.

Some of the workers’ laundry on the line.  Always bright colored Dickie’s shorts in Belize.  Did you know that there was a huge Dickie’s factory in Ladyville Belize from 1960 to 2008?  One that employees up to 800 people – mainly women?

When we have guests, a campfire and star gazing is THE BEST.

Ginger the camp dog.

The outside kitchen.

The sun was setting…and the mosquito meter was rising.

But man….what a gorgeous day.

Time for me to go find Mocha again (she keeps disappearing in the back and returning COVERED with mud!?

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