I Got My Vaccine On Ambergris Caye, Belize

Vaccinated in San Pedro Belize and Here’s How it Went…

FIRST:  VACCINES ARE OPEN TO ALL TOURISM WORKERS.  All.  Sign up here if you are in San Pedro and let’s start getting this done!

Yesterday was a big big day.  One I’ve been looking forward to for months…and months and months.  VACCINATION AGAINST COVID-19!  Just the first one!  The move, as an individual and as a population, towards normalcy – economic, social…all of it.  I’M READY!

We are receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine currently in Belize.  I’ve read about it all – side effects and the newest information.

THIS, to me, is the most unexpected part.  I have two younger brothers – we are all in our 40s.  One in Rhode Island and one who lives in Japan.  I am the first to get a vaccine.

Belize has given tourism workers priority – due to how critical it is to get the important part of the economy going and because of the huge amount of interaction with people from around the world.

Here’s The Process

  • Easter Sunday at about 2pm, I got the call.  I’m up for the vaccine and Wednesday, April 7th is the day.  Do I want a 130 or 230 slot?  I signed up for 1:30pm at San Pedro’s Lions Den on Front Street – a airy space used for govt meetings with the public, Friday night bingo, BBQs, weddings, a HUGE New Year’s Eve party…pretty much everything.
  • I brought an ID (passport, Drivers License, Belize SS card all work) and entered the Lions Den.  A health worker takes your temperature, sanitizes your hands and takes your ID.
  • Have a seat.  About 20 chairs are spaced apart.  Wait to be called.

  • My name was called and I went up to a table to confirm my information – DOB, Address, Emergency contact.  I was also asked if I’ve had any vaccine in the last month – no, if I had a list of issues (from diabetes to heart problems), my height and weight, pregnancy and if I felt sick.
  • I went to get the injection (or jab, if you are British) – you can feel it but there was no pain.  Just a bit of a sore push.
  • Off to the Recovery area – again distanced – for 15 minutes.  I was given my vaccination card, a packet of 10 Tylenol, instructions and my next appointment date.  Just like my experience with Jeff last week, I knew so many people in the room – San Pedranos, Belizeans, and expats/immigrants.  It felt great to be doing this as a community.

I didn’t want to be snapping too many pictures.  Feels like people’s medical stuff should be private!

How I’m Feeling Today

Everything was so easy peezy and I felt totally great last night.  I woke up feeling…sore.  My back, my neck and very tired.  Maybe I slept badly?  Or maybe it’s my body sending out my immune system to fight fight fight and produce antibodies.  Either way, I’m taking a day off.  No heading to town…

I took 2 of my prescribed Tylenols and I’ll be taking it easy.  (I’m very recently HOOKED on the show Succession on HBO – a truly dysfunction, soulless……and cutthroat media family in NYC.  It’s GOT to be modeled on Rupert Murdoch and co.  It’s gripping!)

I’m pretty sure that’s what the nurse told me – day of leisure.  And I think she mentioned getting a slice of cake from Annie’s Pastries on the way home? 😉

Either way, I got Cocoa Tres Leche cake and it’s chilling in the fridge.  Ready to work its restorative magic.

I even got the date for my next (and final) dose.  June 21st.

I can start planning again.  Planning a trip to the US to see my friends and family.  It’s been a hard, shitty, scary year – not all of the time but a good part of it.  SUCH a relief.  I got a bit choked up…it was hard not to.

Thankful and hopeful.  It feels great.

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