Five Things On Friday

I apologize for my absence from blogging for the last few days but…I was traveling!!!  I had a fantastic trip to the mainland to stay at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in the Cayo District.  Really REALLY great.  So…I’ll start with that this morning.

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Incredible trip to the mainland

There is SOOO much to do on the mainland – and the San Ignacio Resort Hotel was pretty much PERFECT for my stay.  So comfortable…it’s in town AND in the jungle.  I’ll explain more in my post but MAN…we packed so much into less than 48 hours.  Plus, I left with a long list of things that I need to return to do.  The Belize Botanical Gardens.  Many of the orchids are in bloom.   Like the Golden Shower Orchid we saw outside Xunantunich Mayan site…how amazing is this!?!

Golden Shower Orchid Cayo

Barton Creek and Caves.  I haven’t been there yet and it’s supposed to be AMAZING.  I hope to get back very soon.

Here is one of my favorite pictures – aracari toucans sunning while I’m eating breakfast.  Literally right off the hotel’s balcony.

Oh…and a picture of the beautiful breakfast.  Because who doesn’t want to look at fry jacks.  They are almost as pretty as toucans!

Fry Jacks at San Ignacio Hotel

Market Day

This weekend is the second San Pedro Market Day – a new initiative by our San Pedro Town Council.  The list of vendors just keeps growing…many traveling from the mainland.  Here’s the list…and the location.  Saca Chispas (the old football field), just off of Back Street in town.

(If you are wondering where the name “Saca Chispas” comes from or what it means…you can check out this post)

A great day to help many struggling small vendors around town and the country.

Lobster Festival Scheduled 

San Pedro Lobster Festival has been scheduled in line with the new dates for lobster season.  (It now runs from July 1st to March 1st rather than June 15th to February 15th)

It’s unclear whether there will be a block party this year – social distancing and/or limits on crowds will most likely still be in effect as Belize gets vaccinated…but here’s what I DO know.  There will be LOBSTER!  AND…you can be in Belize to eat it.

Win, win.  Keep your eyes on the San Pedro Lobster Festival Facebook page for more information.

Here’s the information so far:  Lobster Fest 2021 fun begins June 29 and 30th with Lion Fish Events!

Kaj Expressions Pop Up Shop

No matter where you travel around Belize, you will ALWAYS see someone wearing a necklace or a pair of earrings from Kaj Expressions.  I have a few pairs myself.

She will be at Belizean Arts – a beautiful store for art from all over Belize – on Saturday.  Here are a few examples of her earrings from her Facebook page.  Make sure to stop by before or after the Market!

COVID numbers very low, vaccines being given, rules relaxed a bit but not completely

Yesterday, I passed the Lion’s Den in San Pedro and saw a small crowd gathered outside.  VACCINES!  It’s so great to see the 2nd round of vaccines going to those who work in tourism – it’s now open for all ages in this field.

April 15th the curfew was rolled back a bit – especially on the weekends.  Now 10pm to 5am on week days and midnight to 5am on weekends.

With the measures we have in place – masks are mandated in public…you will see EVERYONE wearing them in Belize, social distancing is also the law, numbers are thankfully very very low as tourism numbers start to climb.

Thank goodness thank goodness!

(Numbers might not look big but remember that 33,000 is about 10% of Belize’s population!)

For daily numbers of diagnosed cases and for vaccine doses given, see the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ Facebook page.

In “other news”

Jeff has a fun/silly/badass new name for the new camp boat that surely will have the permit quaking in their proverbial boots 😉

Yesterday, Jeff and I celebrated our first “Liberation Day”.   The day that we handed off the very last one Mocha’s 12 puppies to their owners.

I was reminded when I saw this post on Instagram from the very last one.

Here’s the story of Mocha’s cute, such a pain in the ass!

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