A Walk and Photos on McLean Lane, Tres Cocos, Ambergris Caye

A few days ago, I wandered off the beaten path…down what is now a sandy drive lined with larger homes and flowering shrubs.  You know the turn-off…

It’s actually not a turn but just continuing straight from the main (paved road) to this sandy area.  Straight past the North Ambergris Caye Police Unit – I think this was used for a couple of months?  Maybe?  (Here’s the announcement of the opening – the closing didn’t happen with the same fanfare.)

North Ambergris Caye Police Substation

This lane used to be the main road north.  10 years ago, a trip to this now bustling area – which includes The Truck Stop and Croc’s Sunset Bar and Restaurant – was much more of a journey!  If you lived south of town…it seemed like a day trip.  (Here’s my first blog traveling to this area…it’s the old location of the Palapa Bar and you can also see the NEW location of the Palapa Bar -formerly Wet Willie’s.  Confusing…I know)

It’s now a sandy barefoot fantastic spot to live and vacation.  Quiet lane off the main road – all the convenience of what’s around but…separate.

Across the way is a large lot recently purchased and being cleared for, what I hear, will be a new resort.  Just rumors for now…

And then pictures moving north…

The street sign!  I’d never seen it before and had always called this “Tres Cocos Lane” – here’s the real (perhaps unofficial name)

McLean Lane

It was this beautiful bougainvillea that drew me in in the first place.

Here is the name of the new home with the beautiful plant.  Casa Blanca at Tres Cocos.

I love some of the beautiful wooden houses tucked into the greenery…here is Casa Calma.  And the very faded sign that says “Hakuna Matata” on the gate.

And Casa Bonita.

The back gate for PUR Boutique Cabanas.

I like these names…here’s Casa Paz.

A pretty row of firecracker plants – butterflies and hummingbirds LOVE this flower.

And a look at Casa Vista’s vista.

I smelled something so sweet and tropical – almost like honeysuckle or frangiapani and…WHAT?!?!

All I saw was a crappy papaya plant across the street.

I may hate papaya fruit (read:  I Hate Papaya) but man does these tiny flowers smell GOOD.  Who knew?  (The scent is actually featured in lots of perfumes…you learn something new everyday!  But now I have 101 more questions…I wonder how that scent is gathered…natural oils? )

Papaya Flowers Smell SO good

And then the end of the lane is coffee shop and breakfast hot spot Marbucks.

Marbucks Tres Cocos

It’s attached to the very pretty DayDreamin’ B &B.   I stayed there when they first opened and it’s a beautiful spot…on this pretty pretty lane.

Daydreamin B&B

And then across the street, the path down to the over the water bar.  Rum Dog.  I haven’t visited since it opened in December of 2019.

Rum Dog Bar

And the view from the upper deck.

And these strange looking sea-buggies…

And the sign from the road which I’m not 100% sure does this great spot justice!  But that’s only my opinion.  Have a great Sunday!



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