Art, Dogs and a Heatwave at the Camp, Cayo Frances Farm and Fly

The week started HOT.  Hazy skies and talk of temperatures over 100 on the mainland.  (Breezes generally keep the island below 90 degrees F no matter what)

Update from the San Pedro Sun about the heatwave and what to expect

I packed up the dogs and headed to town.  To meet the boat to head up to Cayo Frances Farm and Fly.  I’m not sure if it is the orientation or the greenery or being surrounded by water but it always seems a bit cooler over here.

Since I’d last been here an artist named Magnus Sodamin visited, fished and left the most amazing THE MOST AMAZING imprint on the camp.

So I took 101 photos of the upgrade and…the dogs…and here they are.  I’m overnighting at a new spot on the island this weekend – Sunset Caribe…so stay tuned.

I LOVE it.

And an AMAZING painting inside…bonefish mania.

Ginger and her underbite, a respite from the sun.

One of my amateur art projects…

Grits the Steveadore

Stay cool and keep hydrated!

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