Update on Travel to Belize: It Keeps Getting Easier

Traveling to Belize keeps getting easier.  Belize Travel Restrictions are coming down…but not all of them!

Alaska Airlines announced just this morning that they will begin flights from the west coast of the USA later this year!  Particulars to be announced but their West Coast hubs are:  Seattle; Portland, Oregon; Anchorage, Alaska; San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Press Announcement

Last night, Belize’s Ministry of Health announced that they would be retiring the often troublesome Belize Health App that was required for entering the country.

Information regarding entry has been released piecemeal so I thought I’d summarize it all here – in case you missed the mini-announcements and let you know where you can get more information on traveling to Belize.

As well as throw in some inspirational photos.  I mean…why not?

First, some more subjective/”word on the street” information.  Tourism on Ambergris Caye is feeling quite good.  The brand new, very modern, huge Alaia Resort just opened last week with 155 units.

155 UNITS!

(My last visit was in February…I need to check out the final product!)

Masks are still required countrywide, as is social distancing.  Vaccines are being given but it will take a while…about 15% of Belizeans have received the first vaccine.  So everyone wants to be very careful.

As the Caribbean Tourism Organization said in a recent report: 2021 tourism fortunes “will depend largely on the success of the authorities in the marketplace and the region in combatting, containing and controlling the [COVID-19] virus,” As the Caribbean Tourism Organization says: 2021 tourism fortunes “will depend largely on the success of the authorities in the marketplace and the region in combatting, containing and controlling the [COVID-19] virus,”

Belize’s COVID #s are currently very low.

Tourists are telling me that they are having a fantastic time.  Local businesses and workers are VERY HAPPY to welcome back homeowners, returning visitors and vacationers.  I’ve heard many people hopefully talk of a robust tourism season for the entire summer right into the next season.

Here are the facts:

Belize’s International Airport is open.  Belize’s land borders remain closed.

Belize requires a negative PCR taken within 96 hours of travel (4 days) or a negative rapid test taken within 48 hours of travel.

OR proof of full immunization 2 weeks or more prior to travel

Visitors must stay at Gold Standard Hotels/Rentals and there are exceptions for those who are residents and homeowners as well as visitors of friends/relatives.

ALL of the most up-to-date information can be found on the Belize Tourism Board’s website.

Cruise ship tourism is now scheduled to begin during the first weeks of August.

Belize is also making lists – the safest international places to travel right now.  (See this one in TravelPulse)

While many countries were downgraded by the US State Department for COVID levels, Belize was one of only 15 countries upgraded to a Level 2 travel advisory.

Level 2= Exercise Increased Caution.  4 = Do Not Travel.   No countries are currently at Level 1.  (Here’s the full list)

Additionally, there is now an at-home test available for your return to the States.  No mailing required.

That’s what I’ve got…for now.

I hope you all can visit this year…or as soon as it feels safe for you.  We can’t wait to see you.

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