Pics Around Town and My Busy Schedule

I’m excited to have a pretty busy schedule over the next week or so.  This morning, I’m headed over to the newest and one of the largest resorts on the island, Alaia Resort.  A tour and lunch with some of the local media.  I’ll most certainly let you know how it goes 🙂

Tomorrow I’m headed over to North Caye Caulker (perhaps the opposite of a modern 155-key resort) – to stay at the lovely. homey Happy Destiny Resort and check out new island business – Mercado Caye Caulker.  (I’m pretty sure we would ALL like to have this spot in our neighborhood!)

My last Stay at Happy Destiny and a Look around North Caye Caulker in Feb 2021

Next week, I’m headed down to Placencia – to visit TWO new resorts.  Itzana Resort and Residences and then Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas.  I’m hoping to get plenty of time to visit the village too.  I haven’t had a good look around in years…and I LOVE Placencia.

The last time I visited Itzana, it was 2016.  They had just started the resort and I stayed in gorgeous temporary housing. 

Ambergris Caye is seeing more and more tourists – and this coming summer looks like a busy one.  Things are feeling good.

Here are some photos I took while I was running errands around town yesterday (it was Commonwealth Day, a holiday)…I’ll be reporting back on all my more significant adventures.  Stay tuned.

There are 54 countries in the British Commonwealth!  From Malta to Bangladesh to Lesotho.  The largest country is Canada, the smallest, Nauru.  The British commonwealth is home to 1/3 of the world’s population (India!  Nigeria! Pakistan!)  It’s interesting stuff.

I was very excited to see a salesman in Central Park over the weekend selling fresh lychee fruits.  They are one of the world’s most delicious…I’ve been trying to savor the 1lb bag I purchased.

(I visited the one lychee farm -that I know of – in Belize in May of 2017 – imagine hundreds of trees bursting with lychee?  HEAVEN)

A more regular fruit on the island…

At our regular fruit shop.

I’ve been told that Rosy’s has some of the best pork breakfast tacos around but I need to go before 10am.  I’m trying…I am just very slow moving in the morning!

Watching the world go by…

The view from Jeff’s boat as we load up groceries and cases of beer and soda.

And the view over the bridge as I headed back home…

I stopped at this super cute farm stand, Farmhouse Fresh, that I wrote about a few weeks ago.  I wanted to try this Belizean brand that I just spotted on Facebook.

Crazy Coconut Farm and Deli

I grabbed a quart of Greek yogurt (love love the packaging) and a lime, orange, ginger and spinach juice.  YUM.

If this doesn’t make me instantly healthier, I don’t know what would.  $5bzd.

Just next door to it ANOTHER new business.  It’s becoming impossible to keep up….

Cute, right?  Have an excellent Tuesday all.  I’ll be reporting back throughout my day on Instagram and Instagram stories.  I mean…just in case you want MORE photos rather than less.


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