A Trip South to Placencia and A Quick Look and Shop in Seine Bight

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might not know that I am in Placencia.  About 125 miles south, as the crow flies, from downtown San Pedro, Belize – this area has a totally unique feel.  Placencia is…not an island…rather a long skinny peninsula jutting out in the Caribbean sea.  As you fly over…on your way from Belize City soutbound – you see orchards and greenery, miles and miles of jungle and empty beaches.  And MOUNTAINS!  Yes…Belize has the Maya Mountain range with Doyle’s Delight standing highest at 3,688 feet.

I’m here to visit two new resorts – and the weather is PHENOMENAL.  As is resort #1…but more on that later!  Here is my trip down and a bit about the area.

Here’s a map from the Moon Guide of the south of Belize – and you can see Placencia peninsula and the villages along it.

Let’s go flying!  From San Pedro to Belize City Municipal airport.  You guys know this view!

Caye Caulker in the distance…

I got out at Municipal airport and waiting just over an hour for a flight to Placencia.  As you head south along the coast…miles and miles and miles of mangroved shore line.  And rivers making their way to the sea.

Over the orange groves outside of Dangriga…and then banana plantations as you move farther south…and mountains!

My transport to Itzana Resort was waiting.  I have taken and AM taking so many pictures of this gorgeous spot but let me tell you about the walk I took yesterday into Seine Bight village.  It’s a Garifuna village – and sandwiches on a thin strip of the peninsula…sea to lagoon in just 4 or 5 streets/beach paths.

The last time I visited was 2013!  And I visited a bunch of the same spots.  Here are my photos.

Pretty jasmine flowering along the “village pitch”.  I would have called it “the soccer field” but as I walked, I gathered an entourage, and they insisisted I call it the correct term.  Village pitch.

They insisted on a serious photo shoot.  And I was happy to oblige.  Everyone slipped down their masks and set down the mangos they were chomping on.

Mangos, in Belize, are often eaten like apples.  Pick one up, dust it off, bite into it. Spit out the skins as you eat…gnaw it down until you have a clean pit.  It’s messy, delicious work.

Lola’s is a tiny shop and a tiny art gallery and WELL worth the visit.  Though originally from Belize City, Lola relocated to the beach – at that time, very remote Seine Bight village.  (The road was infamous for being almost unusable during rainier times of the year)

Some of her art.  I wanted to add to my collection – the painted stone that I purchased in 2013 is still one of my favorite souvenirs.

It is NOT for those who only enjoy muted tones.

Joyous and beautiful…many depicting village life.

My chosen painting – on a smalll piece of wood.  How can this not make me happy?

Back out to take a few more photos…

So many trees were bursting with mangos.  All different colors and shapes.

There are no huge houses or big resorts in the village center – even on the beach.

Peeking into this spot where they were making Garifuna instruments – the maracas made from the calabash hanging to dry.

A lovely gentleman named Calvin asked me if I wanted to see his drums…ummm…YES!  Though now I must return…I forgot to ask him about the “Crocodile Dundee” part.   Perhaps just a nickname.

Mahogany wood and a stretch deer skin.

Made from the dried calabash gourds…Miss Lola had a few of the beautiful trees in her garden.


I headed back to my resort…admiring the PUT YOUR TRASH IN THE BIN signs.

I’m off to my next spot this morning…follow me on Instagram for lots more photos and…I’ll be reporting back.

I am LOVING it down here.


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