Happy First Day of Summer: Green at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly

Today is the first day of summer – the longest day and the shortest night of the year in the northern hemisphere.

This is obviously going to be more apparent the farther north you get – like the northernmost town in the world – Longyearbyen, Norway. 78 degrees N.  Population about 2000 people.  THERE IS GOING TO BE NO SUNRISE AND SUNSET.  Sun:  Up all day.  The next sunrise is August 25.  High-temperature today?  41 degrees F.  Being on an island somewhere between mainland Norway and the North pole has got to…have its hardships!

We are much much closer to the equator, obviously.  Here in San Pedro sunrise this morning was 5:17am and sunset is 6:29pm.  High-temperature today somewhere in the high 80s but there is a nice breeze.

This was a week of grey skies and a bit of rain (primarily at night) as now Tropical Depression Claudette hovered to the north of us.  Everything is blooming, the grass is green and now the skies have cleared – it’s a beautiful day.  A perfect first day of summer.

Inspired…I took a bunch of photos this morning at the camp – Cayo Frances Farm and Fly where our four guests – all friends fresh out of business school and about to embark into “the real world” – are out fishing for the day.  Two searching for the elusive permit with Hilian from Tres Pescados Fly fishing Shop – and two on their own.

They have been crafting in the afternoons…

The Starfish cactus getting ready to bloom again…Stapelia Gigantea

Our new trees getting used to their new planters (grow bags) – I just fertilized them yesterday – this Miracle Gro arrived in our shipment.

Three Hass avocados, 2 Philippine mangos, and 2 Genoa lemons.  All grafted to local trees.  Everyone’s got new growth…especially the lemons and avocados.  These are our babies…our retirement bounty.

Our small lagoon…you can see the tiny entrance in the mangroves in the distance.

A drone shot of the camp – and the reef side of the island in the background.  Between the camp and the reef side – Cayo Frances lagoon and the inner lagoons of Ambergris Caye.

The bees are LOVING the plumeria/frangiapani.


The tiny flowers of the tamarind tree.

The cowhorn orchids are blooming…

Hopefully the guests can join the “permit board”

Chef Marvin’s proud harvest – Chef Marvin, 1, Wish Willy’s, 10,000.

If no one is around, they will eat the habanero bush right down to the ground in about an hour.

Here comes the Wish Willy-Killa!

Elsie?  Not so much.  She just enjoys a bit of morning sun.


I hope it’s a beautiful day where you are.  I’m tempted to go out to the swim platform and just dangle my legs in the channel.

Happy First Day of Summer.  Happy Father’s Day.  Happy Day everyone!

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