Monday Morning, Late June, Ak’Bol, Truck Stop, Traveling and Our New Greenhouse

Morning all,

As you read this, I’m water-taxiing over to the mainland and then on a bit of a road trip with my friends at VACASA – from Belize City to San Ignacio and then along the beautiful Hummingbird Highway to Hopkins…staying at some of their rental spots and…I love an adventure!  And I love love love an adventure in Belize when everything is blooming and we are in the heart of mango season.

How many mangos can one person eat a day?

I leave Jeff in charge of the dogs and I’m off.

But first, a few things from this past weekend.

Saturday afternoon…the weather is warm and HUMID.

Sunday morning heading over to Ak’Bol Eco-Resort.

The property across the street has a new sign…

And beautiful sea grapes hanging down…

And into town to run a few quick Sunday errands.

I focused my camera on red and yellow flamboyant trees.

Another one on my way home.

A close up.

A stop at the Truck Stop – they have been carrying my book since I published it – and you can get your copy behind the bar.

Let’s walk around…they were about to open up…preparation was underway.

Someone with AMAZING handwriting is doing the menus…impeccable!

RASA – Asian food.

The old truck that they hauled in a few years back – I think it finally got situated in 2016.  Here’s a photo in 2018.

And Sunday morning.

The pool looking great…

The sunset dock.

And…now…over to the camp where a bit of building is happening.

We finally have our greenhouse going up!  We’ve been talking about this for ages – a place that can be shielded from WISH WILLIES and birds and bugs – and shaded with shade cloth.  The INTENSE sun…combined with the dry months…is brutal on plants of all sizes.

Thru the day yesterday and today…don’t mind the wonky horizon.   It will hopefully house cherry tomatoes and herbs, lots of arugula and flowers.

Fingers crossed!  Green ones, please.




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