Onion Rings! And A Gorgeous Sunset at Croc’s Sunset Sports Bar and Grill

Four YEARS ago, I took a sneak peek at an extra-tall three-story beautiful palapa bar that was almost ready to open about 1 mile north of the bridge on Ambergris Caye.  They were putting the final touches on Croc’s Sunset Sports Bar and Grill.  BEAUTIFUL finishes.  (Like the shiny new urinals.  YES!  I’m calling urinals beautiful – they were unused at that point.  And no…I did not revisit them on this trip)

Here are the pics back in 2017 – Ivan, the owner, surveying his domain.  The view of San Pedro’s inner lagoons – all the way back to Secret Beach -is INCREDIBLE.

Just a few nights ago, Jeff and I headed over for dinner – and the sunset.  There is no better place to watch it.

Here’s what we saw and ate.  A major highlight for both of us:  Jackie our server was so great – so friendly and funny and on top of her game – checking on drinks and sauces and napkins and…killer job Jackie.

It was Thursday afternoon/evening – and the live music was setting up to start as the sun set.  But we were early…it was just after 5pm.  (Sunset was at 6:30pm – which is LATE for Belize!)

Up the long flight of stairs…but so worth it.  Because…no bugs are getting up here (and we have just started to get mosquitos in the late afternoon/evening here on Ambergris Caye), the breeze is beautiful and the view?  It’s easy to forget how BIG Ambergris Caye is…

Here’s a Moon Guide map of Ambergris Caye – and I’ve boxed approximately where Croc’s is….

HOW IS THIS GIZMO HEAD HERE?  I just saw it a few months ago on a pole…in the sea…February 1st.  Caye Caulker.

DON’T GET HIM WET!!!!!!!!!

Could there be two Gremlin heads?

Now at Croc’s in a sombrero.  One of life’s great mysteries.

We sat down – there were a few groups having drinks, some watching on of the 8 or 9 large tvs that were showing sports.  Ice hockey…something to do with the upcoming Olympics…a baseball game.

We just enjoyed the view.

Fresh dragonfruit and lychees are in their very brief seasons right now…I bet these drinks are beautiful AND tasty.

Pick I took a few weeks ago of fresh lychee (I bought one lb in Central Park – and I wish I bought them ALL)

And dragon fruit…tastes a bit like a kiwi.

Originally I had planned to order the Stuffed Grouper (stuffed with a creamy spinach mix) that I’d heard about…

But I am a SUCKER for “Bar Eats”.  Who wouldn’t choose cheese sticks and nachos and wings over a “real meal”.

We did it.  Shredded pork tacos and wings with THREE SAUCES and some delicious onion rings.

Wings with pineapple-jalapeno sauce, creamy cilantro-jalapeno and our favorite – mango-ginger.  YUM.

And great onion rings.  $8bzd.  Onion rings seem so simple but they can go so wrong – maybe it’s the heat of the oil?  Or the dredging?  I’m not sure.  But the onion inside can be partially cooked and slide out as you eat it.

Croc’s were crispy, the onion cooked perfectly.  Dipped in ranch or ketchup?  YUM.  I’m SO going back for the onion rings.  And the wings…and the tacos were great too.

As the sun was going down…the bar started to fill up…

And the live music was about ready.  A very talented guy with a guitar singing as we headed out…

We started home and made it just as the sun set.  The mossies were buzzing us as we drove…and ESPECIALLY when I stopped to take this photo at this dock near Portofino Resort.

You’ll recognize Croc’s Bar if you see it at night…it’s lit up like a Christmas tree.

For more information on Croc’s Sunset Sports Bar and Grill, the food and the live music, check their Facebook page.

And if you are an onion rings fan, make sure to try them.  Delicious.



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