Running Errands around San Pedro, Grey Weather and a School on the Move

The weather has been unseasonably grey for the last few days – in fact, as I type this I hear thunder rumbling…

There is a slow-moving storm brewing to the north and west of us – and is formed, she…her name will be Claudette.  Chances are good now that she does form.  And will move NORTH.

Image from the National Hurricane Center site.

Northern Gulf Coast on Alert for Flooding Rains and Gusty Winds

Yesterday, we ran around town for errands…it’s what we do!   It’s is NEVER a one-shop affair.  PLUS we had to buy a vacuum cleaner for the camp.  Vacuum cleaners are NOT something that many people have – most people have tile floors or wooden floors in Belize – rugs and sand are tough combinations.   It took many stops to find a small shop vac.

Grocery Shopping in San Pedro Belize

Anyway…here we go.  Over the bridge into town.

Yesterday was the last day of bridge repair.  Don’t look down!

First stop, a friend’s house to drop off some frangiapani cuttings.

Beautiful view of the old Barrel Bar.  The place was torn down and this gorgeous palapa is going up in its place.  I took pictures and got the scoop on this spot- what it will be and the new owners in January 2020.  

I predict this will be the hot spot of 2022.

Now…loading up all the empty beer and soda bottles and crates from the camp.

Off to the Belikini distributor for refills.

We stopped at The Baker for some bread, rolls and a wheat bread- a fishing camp requires many packed lunches for days out on the water…

Looks so cute in here!

A great place to stop for breakfast or a snack.  Horrid picture but I bought one of the delicious cream cheese puffs.

To the Sausage Factory!  For bacon and sausages and lunch meats – slices roast beef and pastrami and salami.  This spot is a gem for delicious chicken sausage, bacons of all sorts (butt bacon, thick cut, etc) – all kinds of meat plus…they are lovely.

Next door there is a Chinese restaurant/store.  Inflation is hitting Belize…

Chinese restaurants that sell many things but primarily fried chicken…it’s the fast food of Belize. $1bzd may not seem like much but when a plate of food costs $6-9bzd, it’s not insignificant.  (AND the minimum wage in Belize is barely over $3bzd a hour)

Sticker on a motorcycle outside

We stopped by the large lot just south of town that has been the home of the Island Academy School for at least 2 decades.  A spot that tourists and locals alike could daydream about…imagine going to school in a spot like this?

Here’s the history of Island Academy: Founded in 1995

The school is being moved to a new location down south by Mahogany Bay Resorts.  No announcement on what the owner is doing with the land right now…

They are cranking the classrooms up, loading them on a flat bed truck and then putting them on a barge to move!  (Video from the San Pedro Sun)

Here are my photos from yesterday.

The flag pole…

The era of wide-open beach views – especially in town – is coming to an end.  It’s tough to keep a great thing secret!

Some more stops looking for a vacuum cleaner (finally located at Harmouch Hardware) – I decided to get a paleta across the street from Caye Supplies on Back Street.

Read here about the small business:  Local Female Entrepreneur Rocks San Pedro with her Delicious Paletas

Watermelon-lime is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO refreshing.  It can turn your Im-Melting-Lets-Get-the-Hell-Outta-Town-And-Into-The-AC day around…

Serious selection.

And then some takeaway lunch from my spot, Briana’s Deli on Back Street.

I love this special…especially the cilantro rice.  AND the jerk chicken is not too spicy – and heavy on the allspice.  Yum.

Keep an eye on the storm – hopefully, it will be rolling out soon…and taking the grey skies with it.  Adios Claudette!



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