A Beautiful Weekend On Ambergris Caye: Around Town and the Camp

Happy Sunday morning all,

It’s a beautiful weekend in Belize – hot sun, a bit of a breeze and even the last burst of the butterfly migration that we see each July.  The cloudless sulphurs and other assorted butterflies heading north to south.  Final destination?  Unknown.

Some photos from Friday around town…

Guys selling the roots to make Belizean bitters.

I stopped at Juice Dive to sit and use the internet and have a DEEElicious smoothie.

I’m still operating with my IPhone X for photos…

On my way home, I stopped at Sol Cafe for something to eat…I grabbed a very tasty breakfast burrito. Very glad to have this spot re-opened!  For muffins and snacks, coffee and tea.

And now….to the camp.  Waiting for our ride across the inner lagoons of Ambergris Caye.  Elsie does not travel light.  Her bed is a necessity.

She keeps her Elsie (The Borden cow) collection of patches on all her stuff.

The ride thru the lagoon and Cayo Frances – mangroves and shallow water.

Staff lunch prep was underway when we arrived.

And these guys were about to lose their heads.

Nice morning today.  Lunches and drinks are being packed for the day out on the water…

There is a summer special happening at the camp – you can check here for rates and details.

My rain lilies are blooming.

And I’ll be in the new greenhouse if you need me.  We planted seeds for arugula and lettuces and kale and swiss chard and lots of tomatoes yesterday.  Wish us luck.

Have a great Sunday!

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