A Trip to 2.5 Miles SOUTH to the San Pedro ‘Burbs! Caribe Island Resort and Condos on Ambergris Caye

A few days ago, I drove over 1 hour in our golf cart – to reach the lovely lovely south side of San Pedro.  2.5 miles south to Caribe Island Condos and Resort.  Or…as many know it on Ambergris Caye…” the pink building”.

It has a very similar-looking building just next door that is known as “the blue building”.  Creative, huh?

This area of town is sooo beautiful – a small neighborhood, private homes and condos along the ocean, a small store and sandy paths…and only 2.5 miles from the town center.

It is also considered one of the safest areas on the island (some might say THE safest) with a robust Neighborhood Watch Program –  the S.A.C.N.W.

One that includes bicycle patrols, a guardhouse, a nighttime checkpoint, a response hotline, and more.

First, I’ll show you some pictures I took on my way south of town – I hadn’t been this far in maybe 2 years!  And then some pictures of pretty Caribe Island and 2 units that are for sale there.

And then down to Victoria House area – about 2 miles south of town.  (I have always heard that the mile marker – Mile 0 – is Central Park in the middle of San Pedro town)

Passing Obando’s Panades.

Here he is on Back Street in 2015 – looking a bit happier to see me 🙂 You can read here about the delicious imaginative panades.  I love his spot!

The road turns to sand and then there is a curve and then this pretty little neighborhood with the not-as-pretty name.  Mosquito Coast.  And one of my favorite little houses on the island – Casa Tulipan.

The gorgeous flamboyant trees.  I’m a sucker for a yellow or an orange one.

And the local dive shop.

And the drive down to the beach.  (Repeat picture but I’m painting a story!)

There’s a huge palapa on the beach with seating and hammocks…

And the Caribe Island dock!

It’s a huge stretch of beachfront.

I took a look at two units with Dawn and Al of Keller Williams.

One, smaller with a garden view which was actually super nice.  A mature lime tree and a nice little porch.  It was the “Beach living for under $130,000USD” that really spoke to me in her newsletter.

Very basic but roomy!  And I really like the wood shutters between the main living area and the bedroom.

You can also check out the rental information for Plumeria #27.

Okay – to the second floor and a condo with a beautiful pool and water view.  Two stories – with a very cool loft with big bedroom, bathroom, and office.  (I was sooo smitten with this office…I could REALLY get some work done here 🙂 )

Check out the listing for property tax and financing and all of the details.

Are you working in a cramped corner of your bedroom right now???

And then the view…

For lots more pictures and the price and the details, check out Dawn’s listing.

I was sooo loving this part of the island that I’ve convinced Jeff to drive with me ALL THE WAY TO THE END of Ambergris Caye today.  From 7.5 miles north to 5 miles south.  It sounds like nothing much but…it’s a bumpy ride.

I’ll be reporting back!

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