Heading South on Ambergris Caye – ALLLL the Way South, Part Two

And so there we were…driving to the South End of Ambergris Caye.  Here’s Part One.  From our home at 7.5 miles North of Central Park, San Pedro to 3.5 miles south of town and Salt Life Village.  A HUUUGE development that’s been going on for a few years now…they own a huge swath of land – from ocean to lagoon in the south.

Here’s what I saw at Salt Life Village.  It will include a resort community, a flyfishing lodge and a beach club according to the website.

We drove into this pretty substantial overpass?  bridge?  The second largest on the island!

Lots of filled lagoon and mangrove area…but not much back here yet.

Let’s continue SOUTH!

The road gets bumpier the farther south you head but all in all, it wasn’t bad.  The rainy season can change that quickly!

Mirrors on the ceiling…pink champagne on ice…

One of the more intriguing signs on the island!  And I can’t find anything on Google to let me know what is going on there…

Las Brisas – a gated community with luxury homes starting at $900k.  Wow!

We then took one of the only rights…on the left is the ocean and the right mostly lagoon.  But there is a bay area – called Tarpon Bay – that is seeing some more building.

Take a look at the map below – I believe that Laguna de Boca Ciega (Lagoon of the Blind Mouth) way down at the southern ed of the island is also called Tarpon Bay.

Perhaps the southernmost hotel right now – Playa de Sala Boutique Hotel.

There are a few more homes and a bit of construction and this OLLLD model home for a project that never got off the ground.  Who remembers South Beach Belize!  It was NOT welcome by much of the community…

It was a 545-acre mega-project that never got off the ground.  I think I remember talk of a MONORAIL to town?  (That would be a doozy to maintain – sand, salt and super sleek rails?)

Back to the main road (and sorry about my finger in the picture!)

Homes and empty lots…many for sale.  And not much else.

I like it…it feels very rustic.

We got down to the Marco Gonzalez maya site – the office is now closed.  I believe that you can walk back by yourself but unless the weather is very dry and has been for some time, the mosquitos might be fierce.  Here is my trip there in 2019 when the park was still open.

It’s a very small site in a beautiful area of native mangroves.

We drove down a bit and walked out on a long dock to get the lay of the land.

Water tannic from the mangroves and darker from the sargassum…

A look down to the end of the island and…if it finishes…what would be the largest resort on the island.  Just a few years back this was mangroves and brush…

La Sirene Resort and Marina – an INCREDIBLY ambitious plan.  I snagged this from the website.

There weren’t many people – maybe 10 guys?  15?  From what I hear there hasn’t been much movement here over the last few years…

There is a home just before it festooned in dragons!  Las Lagrimas del Cocodrilos.  Crocodile tears 🙂

Anyway…here is the front entrance for La SIrene.

And then a look around…

I am not a huge fan of the scorch the earth-go big or go home style of building but then….I am not in charge!  We were STARVING.  And headed back to the DFC area – just about 1.75 miles south of town and the lovely La Divinia Providencia Store/Restaurant.

They have a lovely lovely patio – it was getting later and we had the area to ourselves.

We went with two specials.  Shrimp-corn chowder which was amazing. And a gorgeous plate of stewed chicken.  All for about $30bzd.



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