Out and About In San Pedro: Ice Cream, A New Coffee Spot and My First COVID Test

It’s nearing the end of July and the weather has been great – HOT and hazy in the mornings but clearing up beautifully.  Definite GET IN THE WATER weather.  I am heading to the States tomorrow – a bit of a last-minute trip and my first time back since October 2019.

So…I had to get my very first COVID test.  I had it scheduled between various errands…a pedicure (I am much more self-conscious about ugly stubbed beach feet in the US than I am in Belize where they are pretty much standard issue)…the bank and the pharmacy and all the usual stops.  I made time for some ice cream and coffee…a run around kind of Friday.

Here are some of the photos.  I also ordered a new camera – after my beloved Olympus E-M10II gave out for the second time in 2 years.  This time NOT under warranty.  I’m headed back to Canon – and hoping for better results!

We found a great selection of seeds at Castillo’s Hardware – they are $4.50bzd a pack – and best of all…they grow!  Sometimes you’ll get old seeds that are sluggish.  But our three types of tomatos and arugula and even kale are all sprouting in the green house.

Next up – I went over to Maya Island Air to buy my ticket to fly to the International Airport and it was PACKED.  So super busy…

The entire island is busy – and I’m hearing there is a robust late summer/fall season scheduled.  People WANT to travel.

I took advantage of their connection with the COVID testing clinic next door.  And walked in to get an appointment.  It was also CRAZY busy in here…though they were working hard to space people.

The US requires a rapid test up to 72 hours in advance of your flight – whether or not you are vaccinated.  You can get information on the Clinic here on Maya Island Air’s website.

I filled out a very basic form (ID#, Name, DOB, Address) and handed in my credit card and passport – and went to wait in the outside balcony.  About 15 minutes later, I was called in for the nasal…probe.  Momentarily uncomfortable as it went up those last few cms.

Results ready in 15-20 minutes.  I decided to return after lunch.


When I met Jeff – he had picked up a late breakfast and early lunch at the newly re-opened with new owners French Bakery!  The new name is French Croissant Bakery (formerly Delices de France)  They re-opened last week – and the first batch of baguettes weren’t so crusty but…YESTERDAY’S WAS FANTASTIC.

The grab and go sandwiches are one of the things I most missed over the last year and a half.   Well…at least foodwise 🙂

I then went to visit San Pedro’s newest coffee shop – and while I love love love the location.  Who doesn’t want to sip their coffee sitting over the water?  I LOVE that they open at 6am.  (While I will never be there are 6am, it’s something that I really appreciate while on vacation.  Waiting until 8am for a good cuppa can seem like TORTURE!)

Cool Beans in Boca Del Rio – let’s START with the view.

And now the sign on the beach.

This very very very pretty dock that really hasn’t had much on it since it opened a few years back…

How cute is this!??!?!

Coffees and cappuncinos and blended drinks.  Cake and bagels…here is their Facebook page.

They also serve the delicious Caye Coffee – roasted right on the island.

A dark cloud was passing over…and it did POUR for about 5 minutes.  We were then right back to sun.  It’s summer weather in Belize.

Next stop!  Pedicure at Sparadise Spa – just up the road from the Palapa Bar.

Cool and relaxing…I had a cup of tea and a pedicure…and walked out a new person.

And then it was back home.  But we were a little peckish and decided to grab a scoop of ice cream at the Truck Stop.

You CAN NOT go wrong here.  I went classic Butter Pecan (I like the ice cream as much as the homemade waffle cones) – and Jeff went Key Lime Pie.

I mean…in case you were wondering!

Someone had ordered a very tasty looking Dirty banana.

and…Oh my!  Look at that great looking book for sale!

Have a great weekend everybody.

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