BEL Sends Out the Cavalry: Looking for a Breeze during a 12 Hour Power Outage on North Ambergris Caye

Last week we received a text message from the Belize Electricity Company:  there would be a planned power outage for North Ambergris Caye – north of the bridge – on Sunday, August 15th from 6am to 2pm.

It was not TOTALLY unexpected.  For the last few weeks, we watched trucks cleared a densely wooded lot, fill it, and erect a small electricity substation.  Good news:  we are getting a much-needed upgrade.  Bad news:  There would most certainly be a substantial power outage to get this finished.

So August 15th was the day.

We had prepared.  In this hot humid August weather – when there is little breeze in the early morning and daytime and nighttime temperatures are just a few degrees apart (if that), you know as soon as the AC goes off.  And the fan.  The room becomes stifling quickly.  So we brought a small generator over from the camp – to keep our fan going…to get air moving.

This is still the most reliable weather forecaster I know for Ambergris Caye.

And I KNOW I should order this…that it will be so worth the money…but I just can’t do it!  $120US for a fan!  (Maybe I’ll order it for my birthday at the end of the week – isn’t 48 the year of the fan? It would make some sense…)

But by about mid-morning, I had to get outside!  Sunday morning provides that perfect activity for just this type of event: Yin Yoga at Ak’bol Eco-Resort.  Slow moving, deep stretch relaxation yoga with a breeze!

I jumped (more crawled) into the golf cart and drove south.  I passed…at least 60…maybe 75 Belize Electricity Workers.  Replacing ALL of the insulators on the poles.  Upgrading.  This was a BIG job.  Teams in from the mainland.

Right around the bend…

And then, at about 1.5 miles north Ambergris Caye, Ak’Bol Eco-Resort and Hostel.

They have such a beautiful property.  You can see how still it is!  Yoga is out on the gorgeous dock.

Masks on until you get to your mat.

Mat views…

And then 1.5 hours of Ahhhhh…

I decided to take a walk around a bit…no need to rush back home!

Next door, to the south, a TALL home with big glass windows is going up.

And their dock…

And then the next house to the south.  More of a fixer upper.

Back to Ak’Bol and then back home…

Though the power had come  back on at Ak’Bol (1.5 miles north) – it was not yet on up at my house.  I could see that the crews were working HARD to get it done.  I’ve never seen so many BEL workers mobilized!

The new substation….and a convoy of BEL carts!

I pulled down the easement just north of Costa Blu Resort because…it was just SO pretty!  And there was a huge daytime moon.

A tour guide casting for bait…

Home again…waiting for the power.  It DID come on at 2.02pm.  Just as scheduled – and then…20 minutes later.  OFF.  A few big power surges and…OFF.  For 4 more hours.  (This was 5.5 miles north to Tranquility Bay at 14 miles north)

I’m not going to lie…I was getting cranky.  But…so it is.  Life on Ambergris Caye.

Power, water…it’s all on my list:  Things I Took For Granted Until I Became an Expat on Ambergris Caye, Belize

I took some things for granted sure…but look at the view!

Happy Monday everyone!  Stay cool!

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