The New Mural at San Pedro High School and the HUGE Value of Public Art

Yesterday I stopped by San Pedro High School to check on the progress of a new piece of public art – one by local artists depicting the history of San Pedro, Belize.

It really got me thinking…murals that can be enjoyed by all, public art…has a huge impact on a community.  Economic, social, for tourism especially…I decided to take pictures, sure.  But I also went home and did a bunch of reading.  There is a study on EVERYTHING these days…surely someone has tried to categorize and even quantify the value of public art?

There are countless studies!  But here are some of the key points:

Public art (murals/paintings/sculptures) helps grow a sense of community, enhances community pride and engages residents but it also can attract money.  It draws locals and visitors to the area.  Especially in these “Instagram times”.

Think the angel wings you’ve seen 1001 times!

We even have some on the south part of the island.

Some communities have been so successful with local art that they offer both guided and un-guided local mural tours.  That benefits the tour companies AND local businesses.  It’s actually called “Mural Tourism”.

Good ways to attract local art?  Advertise open art space/walls to artists.  It doesn’t need to be a wall, it can be a fence or a ceiling.  A fun sign.  Be creative!  Employ a local artist.  If you own a hotel or a restaurant, perhaps offer a discount or even free amenities or room to an artist who you love in exchange for “beautification”.

Anyway…there are SO many articles about it.

It’s been such a tough year and a half…I just love the color.

SOOO here are the pics.

An older mural by the entrance of the High School.

And the beach – San Pedro High School is RIGHT ON THE BEACH!

Hot and humid weather.

From the Maya history on the island…and the country.

Pretty details…

To the original agricultural industry on Ambergris Caye – coconuts.

And the fishing…

And tourism – and the pull ferry to the bridge to North Ambergris Caye.

The municipal dock in town.

And then tourism.

I’m a huge fan!  And there is on last white section…is more coming?

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