It’s a Great Time to Walk Around and Photograph San Pedro Town

I love when the economy is booming – when the town is full of tourists shopping and eating and just exploring…

But this time of year – when things slow down a bit – is the perfect time for me to take photos.  I can stand in the middle of the street without fearing that I will be sideswiped by a taxi or a golf cart and I can snap away.

Here are some photos from yesterday – a bright sunny day where the sea looked particularly sparkly.

First, the lagoon side of town.

Another highlight of this time of year – plenty of parking!

We had two errands to run on Back Street – I wanted to grab a few decorations for the golf cart for Independence Day – September 21st.

Just some small flags – not the more extensive decorations we’ve done in the past.

Jeff went next door to Sew What! to order some pull down screens for the outdoor kitchen at the camp.  Sew What! does upholstery…and sails…and really any sewing that you need!

I love looking at fabrics…and dreaming of a beautiful plump armchair for reading…  Not easy to find (or VERY expensive) in Belize.

I purchased a remnant with a craft project in mind.

To Front Street!

It’s strange to see Fido’s empty.  10 years ago, this was the most popular bar on the island!

The bar Cholo’s has been closed for a while and they are re-doing the entire 2nd floor…

Cholo’s was named Best Bar to ALWAYS Find a Crowd in my 2012 Best Bars of San Pedro list.

I can only imagine that it is going to be VERY HOT up there in the sun?

And the view…


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