Rainy Rainy Saturday on Ambergris Caye…It’s All Relative

Living in a place where it is sunny – or at least partially sunny – for about 350 days a year (my estimate) – we all have a very low tolerance for dark, rainy days.

Like everything else, it’s all relative.  In New York, where the grey winter starts in November and stretches until late March…and the sun starts to set at about 4pm…I didn’t start to get squirrely until about mid-February.

Here on Ambergris Caye, it takes just 24 hours of rain – a day of no sun – for residents to feel the effect.

We knew the storm system was headed our way on Friday afternoon…here’s a picture as it drifted towards us from the south.

Everyone I ran into in town was talking about it…and making sure they had supplies for a stormy weekend.

Friday night and much of the day Saturday we got some EPIC thunder and lightning.  Near strikes that had me wide awake at 4am and 2 of my 3 dogs quaking.  (Else just snores right on thru it)

Thankfully (though somewhat surprisingly) our power stayed on throughout.  We’ve lost power for much lesser storms than this!

We woke up Saturday morning to at least 3 inches of rain from the night before and it continued.  The National Meteorological Society of Belize issued a warning at 4 am about severe lightning. potential flooding, and dangerous winds.

I started fretting.  Did I have enough food?  What about clean clothes?  Did I have enough?  (Most people line dry clothes in Belize – have a washer but no dryer)  How would I take the dogs out?   None of these things were ACTUAL issues.

This storm could last a few days!!!  If it did – I probably would have been shopping online for a light therapy box.  You know the ones they have up north for Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Anyway…it didn’t come to that.  The sun is DYING to come out in Belize.  Even that angry red blob above couldn’t keep it away for long.  By the next morning, Sunday, the sun was already coming out.  Along with MOSQUITOS…diving dragonflies and swooping swallows.

Swallows taking a break – view from our balcony mid-afternoon Sunday.

I headed into town early – I HAD to get out of the house!  And it seemed like the whole town was driving north – to Secret Beach.  Apparently, everyone was feeling cooped up.

Plus…I had shopping to do*.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend – it’s Monday morning (NOT a holiday in Belize) and the sun is coming out HOT again today.  Drying everything out.  For those in the US, ENJOY the last day of this long weekend…the last weekend of summer.

* Note on the bug spray above since I shared this picture on my Instagram stories yesterday and I got LOTS of questions.  YES.  The price is $9.95bzd.  That’s about $5US and that is AS LOW AS I’VE EVER SEEN IT IN BELIZE!  (You’ll see it priced up to $20bzd in spots)  Despite the prevalence of biting bugs during certain times of the year (read:  Bugs that Bite in Belize), repellant is more of a luxury item and an imported item – and can be very expensive.

Mosquito coils and smoky fires are very often used to repel bugs.

These blue “flavors” of Cutter bug spray are my favorites that I can get here.  Natural remedies do not work for me- at all.  While higher concentrations of DEET will last longer – if you are planning to be outside for hours – these smell nice and aren’t overly greasy – and last long enough for my needs.

If you can buy repellant in the states, this – the spray or the lotion – is the VERY BEST.  Long last…doesn’t STINK…not greasy and WORKS.  This stuff is a GOD SEND.

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