Updated COVID Measures in Belize for the Near Term & My Two Cents

It probably comes as no surprise that COVID cases in Belize have been on the rise.  This is the case in so many countries in the world right now –  and most are working hard to bring numbers down – to implement measures to mitigate cases and to vaccinate their citizens.

For some perspective:  Link to COVID data and stats around the world – Belize is rising but we are lower (per million people) than MANY countries, including the USA.

Some countries are requiring all visitors to be vaccinated before arrival – the list includes:  Canada (or 14-day quarantine), Iceland, Trinidad and Tobago, Cayman Islands

Belize, and many Caribbean countries, are trying to bring down numbers before High Season arrives (end of November/December).  Trust me when I say that no one wants to test positive on exit and find they need to stay for an extra week or two in isolation!

September and October are traditionally the slowest months of the year – a good time to get things under control.

SO measures that are currently in place are 9pm curfew, masking is requiring in public, everywhere, except when driving your vehicle and social distancing is required.  You can see the full rules and regulations here.

Last night, the Prime Minister announced additional measures that will go into effect on Sept 20 and last for 2 weeks.

1) Curfew adjusts to 7pm to 4am with the exception of San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Placencia and Hopkins where the curfew remains at 9pm – 4am 2) Restaurants will only function for take-out services with the exception for those in the areas mentioned previously 3) ALL casinos and churches are to be closed 4) Contact sports are not allowed 5) September 26 and October 3 will be no movement days except for medical emergencies or for the purchase of food, fuel or medication; also tourism personnel is considered essential.

Again, if you have any questions on these measures, please contact your hotels/lodging and see the Belize Tourism Board’s website

Ambergris Caye has been AGGRESSIVE about vaccinating and case numbers have been lower than those on the mainland – perhaps reflecting that fact.  The government is working hard to push the vaccine for residents.

My morning 2 cents:  It’s really making me sad watching the negativity on some of my social media pages and many of the on-line forums when Belize makes an adjustment TRYING to walk the impossible line between our economy and the health of our citizens.

“Bam…there goes tourism in Belize” or “Well…I’m never coming to Belize if I am going to be forced to wear a mask”, etc.  Are you trying to coerce a country to change its policies based on your whims – usually without knowing much about the situation/medical care/vax rates/anything here on the ground?  Or make catastrophic statements on public forums to frighten local people and businesses?

I understand this is an INCREDIBLY hard and frustrating situation for everyone and that many of us hold different views and have different thresholds.  But frustration about your vacation, I would wager, is nothing compared to the fears of Belize business owners and employees.  Facebook, for better or for worse (mostly worse), is an influential place.

Please be kind and perhaps pause for a few minutes before typing something into Facebook?  Trust me…I’m trying my hardest to do that.  And slowly getting better at it.

That’s all.  I know that ALL of us want one thing – for everything to get better.  In that way we are all on the same page.  And MAN…I’m glad I’m not in charge.

Here’s an article:  The majority of Americans support vaccine mandates on hotels, airplanes, etc.

I’ve sprinkled some photos from my errands run around town yesterday throughout this post.

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