Driving Home: Truck Stop, “Coconut Water Row” and Moon Bar on A GORGEOUS Day

Yesterday was a dreamy day on Ambergris Caye – and I had to run Jeff to town fairly early in the am.  I had time to meander home…take some photos that I’ve been meaning to take for a while.  Of a beautiful beach bar…of favorite bar/restaurants/entertainment spot and of a fairly new “industry” on the island.  One we’ve been calling “Coconut Wars”.  Take a look…

A quick pic of Croc’s Sunset Bar (where the sunset really IS amazing- and so are the onion rings)

The Truck Stop.

7 days a week, 11-10pm.  I feel sleepy just thinking about hours like that!

On to “Coconut Wata Row’ or “Coconut Wars”!

There is a stretch of road – between El Pescador Lodge and Captain Morgan’s Resort – where there seems to be an emerging trend.  First, there was one…a makeshift palm front lean-to.

Donovan.  The first.  Selling coconut water served in the coconut.

Here he is with his visiting nephews yesterday.

He also sells pretty conch bowls that he makes himself.  A skill he picked up during COVID downtime…while I was gorging on homebaked sourdough bread and Netflix.

You can pull over and get a coconut and straw for your drive to Secret Beach.

A few hundred feet up the road are two more salesmen…both opened this year.  Capitalizing on what seems like a pretty good business.

Coco Locos by Donovan.

And then the Coco Boys.

You’ll often get a bit of shouting as you drive by.  Just in case you are interested.

I’ll do a bigger blog on these guys…stay tuned.  Questions that NEED to be answered like:  Where do you get your coconuts?  What differentiates you from your competitors

JUST across the street is my buddy Glen and his art shop which is definitely worth a stop.  He’s got some great wood carvings and some beautiful paintings for sale.  (Picture taken a few weeks ago)

And then I FINALLY stopped at Moon Bar at Mangata Villas…which is not too far from where I live.  In fact, it’s probably my “local watering hole!”

And what a beauty!  I need to try the pizza!  I need to do a bit of lounging and I’ll get back to you on THE SCOOP!

Just enjoy the view for now…

And I was home before it was even 12:30pm.  Perfection.

I gotta go!  I have a dreamy afternoon planned…a spa afternoon at Sol Spa.  I. can. not. wait.




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