Grey Skies Break For Lunch over the Water at Rum Dog

After some of the year’s most beautiful days of the year, The last 3…maybe 4…have been grey, drizzly to RAINY and cool in Belize.  It looks like things are going to clear up as the week progresses and that is a good thing.  Let the deep puddle, the roads and my laundry dry out.  And I can get back out taking pictures!

Here are a few snapshots I took over the last few days.  (Please note that drizzly is much more bearable at 80 degrees than it is at 45 degrees)

Sunday morning at yoga.

Tuesday morning walk on the beach.

You get the picture.

Jeff’s mom and her friend, Ken have been visiting for the last week or so.  The first 4 or 5 days, we had INCREDIBLE weather – the last few have been a bit of a weather fizzle – though FANTASTIC for just reading and relaxing.  But it all gave us a chance to eat out – and try a new place for me.  New but old…

Let me explain that.

When I first moved to Belize, there were a handful of over-the-water bars on Ambergris Caye.  It was 2006…there was Tacklebox Bar and Grill right in the center of town, Wet WIlly’s Cantina (on the north side of town) and Palapa Bar located about 1 mile north of the bridge.

Palapa Bar, to me at that time, seemed MILES away from downtown San Pedro.  The roads were made of sand…the bridge was just being completed.  I considered north of the bridge to be about as far-flung as Mexico…it was the boonies, the Sticks…out in the middle of nowhere.  There was no road to Secret Beach…there was no Secret Beach!  The “road” over the bridge was rutted and dusty on a good day…and impassible on the worst.

Heading to the old Palapa Bar was an adventure!    Here’s the earliest picture I can find.  2014.  (I bet many of you have older photos – I would LOVE to see them)

In 2015, the property changed hands…and the old bar owners moved to a new spot – down closer to town.  The Palapa Bar was re-erected in 2017/2018.

(For those who remember – there was some unpleasantness…no one liked the new owner of the dock and adjoining property – he evicted people who had been there for years and…acted like an asshole in the process.)

And then with a new owner…2019 – Rum Dog opened in the location and the old building had a total facelift.

I’ve heard good things about Rum Dog over the last few years – that the food was great.  And I knew what a fabulous view there was.  But well…COVID kinda got in the way…and…

I finally went to Rum Dog for lunch!  Guests in town is a great push for trying new things.  And here are the pictures.

Rum Dog is located just about 1 mile north of town in the beautiful and mostly residential Tres Cocos area.  You can take the old road to or from the bar (it’s very pretty on a dry sunny day) or turn off the main road just before the Truck Stop.  You’ll see the sign.

One very cool thing they have inside is the new Belikin/Bowne&Bowen Craft beer brand “Two-5”

Side question:  Does anyone know what Two-5 stands for?  Maybe Belikin just celebrated their 25th anniversary?  No…they turned 50 a few years back…

I’m stumped.  But I LOOOVE the idea….the merch could be AMAAZING.

Anyway…3 of us tried the Fever Grass Wheat beer and the Valencia Orange IPA…3 non-beer drinkers and everyone REALLY liked them.  Super cool.

Fever grass the name for Lemon Grass in much of Belize.

Onward to the food…

You can view some of the menu here…but it is lobster season so we started there.

Lobster and Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos – delicious

Pulled Pork smothered FRENCH FRIES…

As you can see…we were not eating light.  But man was it good…I will be returned for this one.  And I don’t even like bbq sauce.  Well…apparently I do.

The four of us shared…and then 3 of us decided to get “lunch”.  I wanted to try the Rum Dog Burger with everything. Cream cheese, carmelized onions, bacon and pineapple habanero sauce.   Jeff balked on the cream cheese but it was really tasty.  My first burger ever with cream cheese.

Jeff liked it too.

A tasty blackened fish sandwich.

ANd a verrrry rich veeery tasty Lobster Mac N Cheese.

We had enough to take home and enjoy for dinner too…

On the way out, I stopped to use the facilities.  And was momentarily stumped by these MALE/FEMALE signs.

Hyena and tapir?  Huh?

I figured it out…

I’m not so quick.  I blame it on the carb and cheese overload 🙂

The sun is coming out – and it looks like a nice few days ahead.  Have a great one all.

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