Holiday Gifts: For Those Traveling, Those Traveling to Belize and Those Just Dreaming About it

Every single September and October, I open an empty blog post and title it:  Holiday Gifts for Those Who Love Belize!  Soo soo hopeful.  I plan to fill it with all sorts of links that will get you beautiful handmade Belizean crafts in PLENTY of time for the holidays.  International mail woes and global supply chain issues BE DAMNED!

Gifts from local artists like Rebecca and her team at Twig and Pearl (I LOVE my wallet and tote bag – use them every day)…

But I am LATE.  Always late late late.

So instead…I’ve got a list of things that I recommend to all – some of my favorite things (similar to Oprah but then…nothing like her) to have in Belize.  And then some useful travel items and gifts.  Some items that get you thinking about travel.  And sprinkled in…a few that’ll make you think of Belize.  Things that I think can be at your home in the next few weeks.

Great gifts for everyone you know that just can’t stop thinking about their next trip to Belize.

Oh wait…before I get into it…IF you are lucky enough to be traveling down to Ambergris Caye in the next few weeks, maybe bring a gift for a kid for Christmas.  Croc’s Sunset Bar (look at that sunset view!)  is doing this amazing program – coordinating with bars and restaurants across the island to make childrens’ holidays the best they can be.

Bring a gift, drop it off at one of the participants, fill with love and joy AND get a free drink.

Stuff that Just MAKES You Want to Travel

Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurers Guide  (Want this one!) – I can not imagine going on a trip and not diving headfirst into the local cuisine.  And what better way to put together your “Where To Next List” than focusing on the food.  This book looks like it’s packed with fun facts and oddities and history and lots of pictures…and that is RIGHT up my alley.  Plus…it looks like a beautiful hardcover.

And if you are coming to Belize and want to learn about the culture and the town and the food – Belize Food Tours is a MUST DO.

I just might add this to my list:  15 Books that Makes Me Want to Travel NOW

A Fabulous Wall Calendar That Sparks Travel Joy

Maybe you always use the calendar on your phone…but I find it SOOO much easier to just look up…and plan with a wall calendar.  Especially if I am already ON the phone.  Plus…it’s such a great way to display beautiful travel pictures or art without framing and mounting and…all that jazz.  Here are a few I love.

The website has beautiful everything including travel journals.

And if you are more inspiring info rather than just artwork…think 1000 Places to See Before You Die.

More Belize Specific Gifts

Marie Sharp’s Gift Set:  Greatest stocking stuffer?  Yes.  Here is a gift pack of some of the favorites.  My fave:  The green one!

Conch Carvings From Etsy: There are a few things that I think are especially Belize – keel-billed toucans and conch shells are two of them.  These are not made in Belize – I’m not sure how they are made anywhere for such a ridiculously low price (ahh…I see…they are from China)  But these carved conch shell beads are INCREDIBLE.  I really wish I was more crafty because I want a way to wear them ALL.

There’s gotta be a catch…right?  These beads are just TOO amazing.  Santa can you hear me?

But paintings of conch shells…or prints (the artist is our very first guest at the camp)…or papayas…or papaya jewelry.  What makes you think of Belize?

This site has some amazing fruit and veggie prints.  I want the Swiss Chard!

For Someone With A Trip Booked To Belize

Fit Flops Iqushion (Have them, LOVE them)  I have written a few times about THE BEST SHOES for Belize – but after 8 or 9 years of wear – these babies do it all.  They have an arch…they have some lift…they are so comfortable…they are totally minimal and look fine dressed way down or with a sundress and they are great even when it’s raining.  I can not recommend them enough!

And sometimes…isn’t it fun to get some flip-flops in the middle of winter?   Give you a hopeful feeling!  I love the metallic neutrals.

And for men…and even better kids?  These are cute.  Pricey with a seriously goofy name but way better than Crocs!

Beautiful Turkish Towel that Doubles as a Wrap and Just about Everything

Remember when you used to fret about bringing a BIG BULKY beach towel on vacation?  Was it worth it…could you just buy one there…would it take up a third of your suitcase?  Well, Turkish towels are the answers to all towel prayers.  Thin but absorbent…they take up a little more room than a t-shirt…and you can wrap things in them while traveling.  Or bring it as a shawl/scarf on the plane.  Use it as a beach wrap.  As a towel.  They are sooo good.

You can go classic stripe or I have my eye on this Fuschia gem this year.  (It comes in lots of colors) and it’s only $12.99.

The Perfect Overnight/Carry-On/Weekend Bag

I’ve wanted this bag for a while…and just when it goes on sale, it’s back-ordered until the end of February.  Sigh…

It’s perfect for the plane, for walking around town or for throwing on the luggage rack on the bus in Belize.  Nothing too showy.  Just simple and perfect.  (You can add:  don’t throw your Louis Vuitton Carry-All into the group luggage area on the bus to A Guide: Eight Tips for Traveling By Bus in Belize)

Here are some alternatives.  Put a Belize-themed luggage tag on it (these are from Walmart?!?!) – and it’s ready to go to your favorite traveler.

Herschel’s Bag (it comes in plenty of solid colors if you are not into these jaunty stripes)

For those more sporty, Patagonia makes some beauties – and they are just about the coolest company around.

Currently, I am still using a Laura Ashley bag that I received as a gift sometime in the early 90s – I think it might have been a full luggage set?  It’s time for me to upgrade!  Here she is in Placencia a few years back…

I’m going to leave it there because as I type this I am BOMBARDED with emails about CYBER MONDAY.  And I could be that person who says to “remember the reason for the season” or “it’s a great year to focus on being grateful rather than shopping” but I’m just not that gal.

I want to SHOP SHOP SHOP (or at least fill wishful online shopping cards but never press pay) until I drop.

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