The Day Before Thanksgiving…A Busy San Pedro

After over one and a half years of uncertainty, things on Ambergris Caye are starting to feel…vibrant.  Golf cart traffic in town…caravans of visitors heading to Secret Beach and out to restaurants…the town feels…bustling.

Belize is  making all sorts of lists:  Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel List” for 2022, National Geographic’s 25 Amazing Journeys for 2022 

My pic of my Lonely Planet book.  (A link to my website is in there!)

I just saw this headline this morning from the VERY popular The Points Guy website:  An absolute breeze: What it’s like traveling to Belize during COVID-19

I am definitely not saying that the uncertainty is over – but things are feeling great.  And yesterday…the weather matched it.

But before I get to the photos of yesterday’s amazing weather – Happy Thanksgiving!  And happy Drinksgiving (the night before the holiday – which is often cited as the biggest bar night of the year).  I’m headed over to the camp later today for what I hope will be a huge amazing meal.  I’m in charge of the baking.

I’ll report back. Now pictures of the beach.  Enjoy!

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