Beautiful Christmas Weather Blows into Belize And It Looks Like It’s Here for A While

Tuesday, early morning, a cold front blew into Belize.   And AHHHHHhhhhh….weather perfection.

Here’s the live cam: (press play on each vid to refresh and get sound)

Here’s the  forecast (It’s sun as far as the eye can see):

A lovely north breeze…sun sun sun and lower temperature.  At least for Belize.  I woke up this morning and grabbed my sweatshirt to go outside.  It was 70 degrees and the wind had a nip to it.

Yesterday, I was planning to stay in…to get some work done (computer work and cookie baking work) but it was so beautiful, I jumped in the golf cart to head to town to take some pictures.

And I’m glad I did.

First, town.  Hand washing stations are still required at shops.  It can be as simple as a bucket.

I stopped at a pop-up shop at Melody’s Art shop on Front Street.

Turtle Ecologic Embroidery does the most fantastic bags (she made me two that I treasure)

How cute is this toucan?  It was sold already but for only $25bzd!  Hand sewn…beautiful.

I headed out to the beach…

Gilly’s Pour House.

And then the Tacklebox!  The bar/restaurant that I managed from the end of 2007 to sometime in 2011 (trust me…it’s a BLUR)

It has re-opened and…they have Rojo Beach Bar‘s Chef Dan and lots of the Rojo menu.  LIKE THE PIZZAS!

Does anyone remember the INCREDIBLE hermit crab spawning that happened in July up at Rojo Beach Bar?  

These pizzas are AMMMMAZING.  I’m gonna get one tomorrow.

The gorgeous view from the end of the dock…

I headed up the beach.

And then up the stairs at the Spindrift Hotel for an overhead shot…the north wind was brushed any seaweed on the beach back out to sea…

Let’s get back on the ground…

And Estel’s Dine by the Sea was bustling…it’s starting to get busy around here!

This is what busy season looks like in San Pedro – there are people in my pics!

Can you stand this weather!  SO pretty.

And then the Christmas tree up by Boca Del Rio park – and the bridge.

I keep saying it at our camp – I’m going to leave our Christmas tree up all year round (I never do) – it’s all just SO festive.

Humming Christmas carols (well just one…I can’t seem to get this out of my head…thanks Paul McCartney)…I stopped in at Grand Caribe Resort to see if I could take a picture of their beach snowman.

So so cute.

I hope you are all having a great run-up to Christmas.  Christmas Eve Eve.  I’m off to distribute some cookie plates. 🙂


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