Running into the Belikin Stout Calendar Girls on A Saturday Morning in San Pedro

Yesterday I headed to town earlier than usual.  Jeff was home for one night…the weekend turnover between guests at the camp.

We had a few errands to run…I wanted to stop into Belizean Melody’s Art Gallery for a look around (did you know Melody was a Belikin girl a few years back?)…but then we were headed home.

But you never know what you are going to find in San Pedro – especially as the busy season ramps up!

Jeff’s boat on Backa Back Street.

A fishing heron

We headed down to the Belikin distributor…to the Ambergris Sausage Factory and then to Lino’s Meat Shop.  They have a new sign.

“All I want for Christmas is a Lino’s Christmas Ham”

Melody’s Shop on Front Street is so cute…especially if you are looking for a great handmade keepsake from your trip to the island.

A craftswoman from Belize City was visiting – on who makes some lovely macrame.  I’ve been eyeing some of her pieces on Instagram.

Her Instagram account and Facebook account

I ordered a bracelet in a lighter pink...just like this one.

And got two of these very cute Christmas tree ornaments for our tree.  Our 2021 new ornaments.

And then thought about this tapir ornament…I might go back and get it!

We were about to head back when we saw…a hoopla on Back Street.  The 2022 Belikin Stout Calendar was out – and there was a special drive-in set up to get one for yourself.

These calendars are not quite my style -but they are a big deal in Belize – and the events surrounding them are always fun.  (In 2014, I had lunch with the calendar girls and then went to the unveil party in the evening)

But yesterday…they had a whole station set up at Saca Chispas on Back Street.

The deal.  But 12 beers for $33bzd and get two tickets.

One for the wheel, one for the calendar.

And then thru the tunnel…

We spun the wheel…I REALLY wanted a t-shirt but…we got a very nice bottle opener.

And then the Belikin girls!  Or at least half of them 🙂

They were so lovely – I asked to take a picture and one said “You want to take a picture of us” as they all got up…

NO!  Good grief no.  Imagine how pasty and old and…old I would look next to these ladies?  They graciously posed for a pic.

And we got our calendar!  A gift for a friend.

AND BONUS!  6 of the pictures are signed!  Like Miss November.

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