San Pedro Begins Construction on New Bridge – Let’s Call It Bridge #2

This morning as I drove into town I spotted a huge crane from a few miles away.  Work has begun on the new bridge – bridge #2 – that will connect the town and what is called South Ambergris Caye to the North part of the island.  All as announced earlier this month by San Pedro’s Mayor Wally Nunez.

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If you had asked me 6 months ago if this would ever happen?  I wouldn’t have believed it.  I’m impressed.

From the interview with Channel 5 New in early December, I’ve gathered that:

  • it will be made completely out of cement
  • they may need to close the “river” to transit for a time period coordinated with the tour guides and businesses
  • the old bridge – The Barry Bowen Bridge – (finished in 2007) has been secured for the building period and when the new bridge is finished, it will be dismantled AND rebuilt

And that’s all I know!

It will be cutting into the area that is now the parking lot for the Sagebrush Church that is just south of the bridge.

Here is an overhead picture of the church from their Facebook page.

And on the north side…

It appears to be going in right next – almost touching – the old bridge.

Nice work Mayor Wally!

And fear not…I’ll be reporting on the progress.

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