A Drive South and A Look Around Mahogany Bay Area

At least 2 or 3 times a week, I get an email or message asking “Why don’t you write about Mahogany Bay?”

Mahogany Bay is a large area/a sub-division about 2 miles south of San Pedro town – land that was filled and canals dug in the marshy lagoons in that area.  A portion of the new land is now a Hilton Resort.  The Mahogany Bay Resort and Beach Club.  (You can check out my visit to the beautiful beach club a few years ago)  And then there are other sections that offer sites for homes and businesses.

Why don’t I write about it?  The main reason is that I don’t live near Mahogany Bay – it is 2 miles south of town, we are 8 miles north of town.  It takes me almost an hour to get there in the golf cart.  And…unless you are visiting the lovely Japanese restaurant or the cafe and coffee shop or now, the new Barcade –  there isn’t much reason to visit unless you are staying at the hotel.

What I’m saying…is for me, it takes a good deal of extra effort.  But last week, I did it!  We drove down to Mahogany Bay.

As we headed south of town – about 1.5 miles or so – there is a new restaurant.  Open from 2 to 9pm (closed on Tuesdays) and serving Argentine fare.  A very cute screened-in palapa.  Let me know if you try it!

La Fonda de Nilo.

A sign pointing us to Mahogany Bay Village.

And then the entrance.

A long driveway and then a new Remax building.  (New since I was there a few years ago. )

And into the village part…

Most businesses seemed to be closed – like the once lovely Road To Cayo furniture store.  But across the street is a new art shop – Meliza’s Art and Soul.  She also has a shop on Middle Street in San Pedro – and there are lots of beautiful things.

A look toward some of the hotel suites/bungalows.

And the lovely coffee shop and cafe, Rum and Bean.

And then we headed over to the Great House – the hotel lobby and common space, restaurants and beautiful pool…

The building just to the right of it houses the tour guides and the golf cart rentals shops.  A fly fishing operation…

The decor is just beautiful.

We headed to find the new arcade – bar that had just opened.

Stopping to take a pic of Dirty Martini Bar — it was barely lunch time.  A bit early for martinis.

And the Jyoto Restaurant – a favorite spot for sushi on the island.  The second floor has been reworked as a tea room and lounge and has a great funky feel.

Cool, right?

We headed to the Level Up Barcade – and I thought it warranted a post of its own.  So unique for Belize, so well planned…you can take a look.

As ALWAYS I would love to hear about your favorite spots around the island – and places you’d like to explore more.  A favorite dish or dessert (always desserts.)

Please continue to message me at [email protected]

I can’t promise instantaneous turn-around…but I’ll work on it!

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