Happy New Year! Well…A Tempered One for A While and…A Cold Front

Happy New Year.  I’m going to jump right into it.  I am cautiously optimistic about 2022.

No…I am not in total denial about this current wave of COVID in the US and Europe and now in Belize but…I am hoping it will be swift and that we are all much better prepared.  That may sound like I’m being a Pollyanna (but COVID fatigue will do that to you!) – or to some, it will make you think I am a sheep – but we still need to be careful.  Because this is still COVID…I mean who wants to get sick?  And I don’t want to pass it to anyone who can get it worse than I can…

I’m going to be staying close to home, I think, for the next few weeks. because Jeff, my boyfriend, runs a small business – Cayo Frances Farm and Fly.  (Well…I also run this business, SanPedroScoop but I’m a one-woman operation 🙂 )  And this rise in Omicron means lots more positives for COVID…and positives put tourists in a bind…and could lead to us having to close if the very small staff needs to go into isolation and…well…you get it…

We are doing the best we can.

I’ve updated my post What Happens For Travelers that Test Positive for COVID in Belize with the most recent information.

And on another note…we had fantastic weather over the holidays – windy but beautiful and sunny.  But yesterday afternoon, a cold front blew in…with a bit of rain and some dark skies.

Now before you all balk…

“It was 29 degrees in Houston yesterday morning!  It’s below zero in Minneapolis right now!”

I get it.  72 degrees F is not that cold for you…in fact, it sounds incredible.  In NYC, it means flip-flops and sunning in the park…

But in Belize, it’s cold!  Especially when it is overcast and a north wind is blowing.  Expect to see local people in FULL winter gear in town.  Hoodies, hats, even winter parkas.

Here’s a picture I took a few minutes ago out at “our” beach at about 7.5 miles north Ambergris Caye.

But fear not!  This is “a quicky”.  It looks like it will move on tonight…the cold front will lift.  And tomorrow, we will wake up to the sun.  The breeze back blowing from the east…and the sea.

For the current weather situation including some great live cams – see this site.

For the most accurate weather forecast I know from Ambergris Caye, I always use WIndfinder.com.


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