Lino’s Shop Reaffirms for 2022: We Want to Handle Your Meat!

Happy Happy New Year all.

A new sign – with an old message is going up in town.  Fun, silly…I love these signs.  There is always something new and quirky and interesting and fun going on Ambergris Caye – and I hope it’s always that way.

More Fun Quirky Signs of Belize here.  There are lots!

Lino’s Meats has been operating in San Pedro since 1993.  Almost 30 years providing all sorts of meat to the island.  It’s a busy spot with “old school” San Pedro hours.  They open from 7:30 am to noon, and then close for lunch and re-open from 3 pm to 7 pm.  Lots of people get their meat in the morning for lunch – one lb of chicken parts – or maybe a pound of stewing beef scooped in a plastic bag  – and use it that very same day.  They often stop by the corn tortilla factory too – 1lb of fresh corn tortillas, still warm, for $2bzd.

And then back the next day for fresh meat.  There are always lines at Lino’s before the holidays and often Saturday and Sunday mornings – they close early on Sunday (as is traditional) and most families make something special for Sunday dinna.

You can read this old San Pedro Sun article on Mr. Lino – Marcelino Ancona, SPHS Class of ’88.

We go in at least once a week for a few packs of boneless chicken thighs.  But they also have chicken, beef, pork in all cuts, lunch meats, sausage, shrimp (even the big ones), and often fish.  The store is a cornerstone in town – on a corner of Middle Street, San Pedro.   One of the landmarks that is used to give directions (like Central Park, the Lions’ Den or The Secret Beach Junction).   “Just a lee way down from Lino’s”

A great shop AND they have a great sense of humor. Happy New Year!

Sign pre-2012.  I am generally very anti-pun but I make exceptions 🙂  Not for all meat puns but for this…YES!

It kinda makes you do a double take…wait…does it actually say that?

I LOVE this shot by wedding photographer (now retired) Kay Scott.  LOVE.

And then a new one went up…a bit more…straightlaced.  I missed that old sign!

But now…the old message is back.  And fancy!

I was told it isn’t complete just yet…but I still needed to take a picture.  Even though it is not the best one…there are so many golf carts in town!

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