My Experience: Getting COVID Tested in San Pedro For Residents

Yesterday, I headed to the free COVID testing clinic in San Pedro to get a rapid test.  To see what the process is and to share it.  Since earlier in the week, I had questions on testing.

I know that tourists and travelers who need to get tested before they leave Belize for flights to the US and Canada are required to show documentation of negative tests (or doctors’ notes saying that they are recovered).  There are testing sites set up for that purpose – you can see the list here

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But what do you do if you are a resident of Belize (not traveling) and think you may have been exposed to COVID?   Or you want to get tested after a gathering or travel within Belize to make sure.  I didn’t know, for sure, until yesterday.

Each Monday, the San Pedro town council posts a series of graphics on their Facebook page with the important information for the week ahead.

There is information about where you can get vaccinated.  Here’s last week’s info.

I’m going to include this booster info too because it’s important!

And then, the testing information for the week.

First for those who are showing no symptoms.

And then those who are showing symptoms.  This is located south of town, across the street from the old Banyan Bay – now part of the Alaia Resort.

Here’s how my process went.

You will see the clinic at the north end of San Pedro’s Central Park – nestled in tents under the trees for shade.  The tables are lined up behind barriers – there is a sign-in table and then the testing area.

They asked my name and if I had been vaccinated here in San Pedro.  I had (3x) so my name was in the system.

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They asked me if I was experiencing any cold or COVID systems – sore throat, cough, runny nose.  No, I was not.

They confirmed my date of birth, address and handed me a sheet of paper and a swab sealed in a container.

Next to the swab and…well…you know how that all goes…

Those waiting stood in the shade by the church…there were 3 or 4 of us.  I took a moment to peep in the Roman Catholic church that was looking pretty from the Christmas holidays.

The beachfront view…

And this lovely painting by Papo – who also did the fabulous BELIZE mural at the Truck Stop.  (Watch this fabulous video of Papo and the making of that mural- how can it only have 346 views…and I must be 10 of them!)

The shading is so beautiful – it really glows.

I was called over about 10 minutes later and…NEGATIVE.

I was told that the virus a minimum of 3-4 days after exposure for a person to test positive.  And asked if I had been exposed to anyone who was positive.

I hadn’t – but I wanted to be safe.

I was told to bring this certificate back – my results – if I was going to get tested again in the next 14 days.

It is also marked:  NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL.

Easy, peasy and free.

Thank you Belize Ministry of Health!

The video of Papo in case you didn’t click above.




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