What a COLD Weekend in Belize!

Cold Front Dips Down to Belize Over the Weekend

It’s that gorgeous time of year when you can go outside, run around San Pedro town doing errands and after an hour or so, you are not melting and/or drenched in sweat.  Belize’s weather, in December and January and February, is, overall, perfection.  The average temperature in January is listed at 77F with a daytime average of 79F and a nighttime average of 75F.


But a few times each winter, a cold front blows through with strong north winds (yesterday winds gusted up to 30+ mph) and temperature can dip.

So I won’t start complaining about how I had to wear a sweatshirt on my way to town today – or about how our coconut oil on our counter has solidified completely (it does that 75F).  I won’t be that annoying person who whines about how cold it is in Belize as you are sitting in a heap of snow in Rhode Island or Toronto or where ever you may be.

But 65F this morning?  Statistically…standard deviation-wise…  It’s not exactly what meteorologist Brian Shields was warning South Florida about…

…but GOOD LAWD!  It is COLD outside.  (Apparently temperatures below freezing -below 32F – kill iguanas)

Instead of complaining, let me show you the photos I took this morning…walking from the south side of San Pedro town to Ramon’s Village.  Cold weather on Ambergris Caye.  (You can check this San Pedro weather website for all the details)

I parked our golf cart just outside Wild Mango’s.  A great spot on the beach for lunch.

The beach in front of Blue Water Grill looks beautiful…

Just one more…

Next is Diamante Belize.

And a spot called Babylon Beach Resort.

Next is…what I think is a private home?  I’d love to know more about this property.

The Palms is a lovely spot.

And then Ramon’s Village – which opened on September 21, 1981, the same date as Belize’s Independence and has been growing ever since.

Ramon’s beach… one of the best on the island.

And then out on their twisting dock.

They’ve got some great details around the resort – like these lights along the dock.

I stayed at Ramon’s WAY back in 2015 – check out my sweet ride to the resort.

I cut thru the resort to the road and it was a quick walk back to my golf cart.  Passing this relatively new spot across from Tropic Air – I love Lebanese food…and I need to try this.

Down the alley by the grammar school…

And back to our cart.

Beautiful…and warming up tomorrow.

You can check the weather forecast here.  Have a good weekend!

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