Happy St Patrick’s Day from Green Green Belize

May the luck of the Irish but the sun and warm weather and sea breezes of Belize be with you.

St Patrick’s Day is a bit of an odd one.  It’s not really celebrated at all in Belize except by some bars.  And maybe that’s true everywhere.   I mean…the death of a patron saint is not really cause for partying.

You can read USA Today’s article about how St. Patrick wasn’t even Irish

It’s kinda like Cinco De Mayo.  Every year I see it posted on Facebook – along with some drink specials – every year I google to find out what Cinco De Mayo REALLY IS (spoiler:  it’s not Mexican Independence Day) and then I promptly forget that information so that I can look it up again the next year.

But St Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the color GREEN.  And all things green.  And for that?  Belize is VERY well qualified.

A photo from Fido’s Bar about 10 years ago

So I thought I’d share some pictures of beautiful GREEN Belize.

The mangroves of northern San Pedro – the split between Mexico and Belize

The Belikin Store in San Pedro.

Elvi’s Kitchen, a favorite restaurant in San Pedro is just perfect.

The Green Iguana Sanctuary on Ambergris Caye – a MUST visit

They are their greenest when they are young.

And farther north…a tiny bat I found sleeping in a palm frond.  So cute…if it wasn’t a bat!

Ok…not the emerald greens that St Pat’s is usually associated with but who said that must be written in stone?  For more emerald greens we need to go to the mainland.

To the freshwater lagoons and incredible wading birds of Crooked Tree, Belize

The greens of the Pine Ridge region of Cayo.  Here are some pics from my stay at the gorgeous Gaia Resort.

Did you know that many of Belize’s bananas are shipped to Ireland and the company Fyffe’s?  And that the bananas are shipped green?  I took a shockingly fascinating tour of a big banana farm near Placencia.

And then the greens of the Cayo district…I could share 10000 pictures on Cayo.  But I’ll wrap this up soon.

The incredible greens at The Lodge at Chaa Creek (our trip there last September)

And our dog Frannie.  (Who is most likely a mix of about 57 breeds surely Irish Setter and Irish Water Spaniel are in there.  Irish Wolfhound?  In her dreams)

I’m headed home from the camp right now – to our house where I have a beef brisket corning in the refrigerator!  It’s been in the brine and spices since last Friday and it’s time to cook!

How that for a celebration!

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