Kate and William in Belize, Part 2: Now I NEED to Get to Caracol!

I wasn’t going to do it.  I figured that if you are interested in the Royals, you can find the pictures of their visit to Belize.  In fact, you can probably find thousands.


But there is so much that makes this all just…EXTRA.  Belize is just being as beautiful as she can be.  And Kate and William are lovely and seem to be enjoying every minute of it.  It’s as if they were born for this job 🙂

The food, the barrier reef, the jungle, the Maya sites, and my favorite photos…William and Kate visit the British army training site in the deep jungles of the Chiquibil.   There were only a handful of photographers there but they are great pictures.  (This one from the great photos by Reuters)

Is everyone swatting flies or just checking their hair?  It’s a very cute photo.

William had actually been to the jungle training before…at the age of 18 before he started university.

And then scuba diving?  HOW DID THEY DO IT.  I’m sure a helicopter helps but between make-up and hair and constantly changing outfits and smiling…I’m not sure that there is time for sleeping.  Ever.

So whether you enjoy them or not… they highlighted so many parts of Belize and have been splashed across every major news outlet in the world…that it’s worth taking a look at.  In some, the couple actually just looks like two tourists enjoying Belize.  Until you pan out…and there is a phalanx of photogs.

It’s inspired me to work my hardest to finally GET TO CARACOL this year.   I’ve always been told that Ca’ana, the largest uncovered structure at the site,  is the tallest man-made building in Belize.    Today!  And in its heyday, the population of Caracol was up to 2x that of modern Belize’s biggest city.   How incredible is that?  It’s just a trek.  Time for me to put on my big girl pants and DO IT.

And just to clarify Mayan sites:  Kate and William visited Caracol during the day – and then beautiful but smaller site Cahal Pech (which is in the town of San Ignacio, Belize) for the dinner for 400 people.

Here are some of my favorites of the official photos shared by Caribbean Culture and Lifestyles. And then I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming…I hope.  My ACER computer…which will be 5 years old in May…is going in for some work today.  I am…a bit worried.  5 years in Belize – the sand…the salt…is like 150 laptop years.

And then to the evening…the couple was back in San Ignacio.  And attended a gorgeous dinner at Cahal Pech.

Did anyone at this dinner chat amongst themselves…or does everyone just stare at the Royal couple?

The couple was off to Jamaica the very next day.  And are leaving there soon to complete the Caribbean tour in the Bahamas.


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