Kate And Willliam Shine the Most Beautiful Light on Hopkins, Belize

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge are in Belize in as low-key of a manner as I think they could POSSIBLY travel in.

Belize still has limits on large gatherings (for COVID reasons) so everything (or most everything) is taking place outside…and crowds are relatively limited.

They arrived Saturday afternoon around 3pm…and it’s now Monday morning – the beginning of day three of four of their visit.  And what I am seeing is beautiful proud happy photos from the events.  Belize is practically glowing.

Maybe my favorite photo so far is this one. It’s not the quality but Just because it’s SOOO cute that one of the local potlickers is also waiting for the Royal couple.  He’s just lounging in the shade…wondering what the hullabaloo is about.

Hopkins Belize is home to one of the most wonderful humane societies in the world – perhaps they sent him as an envoy?  It was on a volunteer trip that I got our dog Elsie in Dangriga.  I am forever grateful to them.

Before I share some of the favorite photos that I’ve seen, I’ll just say that I get it if you think the Royals are boring or frivolous, entitled or bizarre.  There is no need for you to tell me that again and again and again.  When you post about your dog or the NFL or your Bitcoin bros, I try to refrain from typing BORING or ENTITLED (though with the Bitcoin stuff, it’s HARD!)…it doesn’t really add much to the conversation.

One cannot deny this Royal Visit is a big deal.   Yesterday, the couple visited a chocolate/cacao farm and then did a more official visit in Hopkins.  Where they met with school kids and residents and…everyone looks very happy.

I love this video Chef Sean Kuylen took – some gentle teasing about the Prince’s hair.  Or lack of it.  (Follow him on Instagram stories – amazing behind-the-scenes look at the whole thing!)

And then this beautiful candid (if anything is candid in Royal Life!) with Kate.


And a bunch of photos from Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle.  Thanks for sharing!  They are on their way to/thru the Cayo District – and to Caracol.  They will meet with some of the NGOs and see some of the jungle training areas.  I’m following closely – but if you are not…it’s ok!

Mashing plantains as it is still done in many homes.  Here’s my visit to a home in Dangriga where I had an incredible meal with a woman who only spoke Garifuna.

Joyous!  I can’t wait to see what they are up to today.

For some of my pictures, here are some trips I took to Hopkins Village.  And some fabulous places I stayed!

The Lodge at Jaguar Reef (where I hear the Royals stayed)

Gorgeous Hamanasi Resort and my Tree House

Hopkins Annual Mango Festival

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