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Belize Loosens the COVID Restrictions: Big Announcements that Started March 1, 2022

On the last evening of February 2022, the Government of Belize announced a loosening of COVID restrictions almost 2 years after Belize’s first case of COVID on March 23, 2020 – the same day that Belize’s International Airport closed.

Belize has erred on the side of caution throughout the pandemic and has done so, for the most part, successfully.

I was in Placencia (the tip of the peninsula above) and the village was abuzz with the news.  Was it a rumor?  Real?  It was SUCH a big change; we’ve been wearing masks in public for those two years.  As one of my Facebook friends Simon noted: “After two years of wearing a mask everywhere I go, it now feels like I’m walking around in my underwear.”

It TOTALLY does.

The Updates

  • Masks are NOT required in outdoor spaces, but are still required indoors and when using public transportation.
  • COVID testing/proof of testing is not required to enter the country IF you are full vaccinated or for children under 12 (fully vaccinated means 2 jabs for most vaccines- 1 for J&J)
  • All Curfews are Lifted
  • Unvaccinated travelers or those without proof must be tested when arriving.
  • Self Testing Kits are still illegal to bring into the country without a permit (the GOB is attempting to track all results of testing in the country)
  • Departure testing is a US requirement – and still required.  Belize’s new travel insurance is also required.

Here’s the testing info from the Belize Tourism Board – for all of their info and Q&A – see here.

To comb thru the full statutory instrument issued by the government see here.

Includes info like – Discos and nightclubs, still closed.  Gyms at 75% capacity and social distancing are still required.

So…when it comes to masking – bring it with you.  Have it ready…this is going to be an adjustment period for those used to wearing it most/all of the time.

And come on down and enjoy Belize – it was amazing before and it’s still amazing.

We had SUCH a fun long weekend in Placencia – me, my brother, SIL, and three nephews.  But boys…8…12 and 14?  I now need a vacation from my vacation.  And I have 100,000 emails to answer and pictures to go thru and blogs to write.

It’s good to be home.


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