San Pedro Lobster Festival and Caye Caulker LobsterFest: Dates Announced for 2022

Both Caye Caulker AND San Pedro Announce Dates for 2022 Lobster Festivals:  Good News – You Can Book A Week On Ambergris Caye in July and Enjoy BOTH

If you enjoy food, sunshine, live music, cocktails, and a fun but decidedly laid-back festival atmosphere, then you just might LOVE the Lobster Festivals in Belize.  In the last few days, both Caye Caulker AND San Pedro have announced the finalized dates and schedules for their Lobster Festivals and now it is time for you to book your tickets!

Caye Caulker’s first festival took place in 2004.  San Pedro’s started the first year I moved to the island, 2007.  Just in case you like a little history 🙂

All photos in this blog were taken at prior-year fests by me.

Book flights and your resorts.  One great thing about heading to Belize in the summer is that it is often considered to be the “low season” – the season when the weather is warmer here and warmer in the US and Canada and we see less tourism overall than we do from Christmas to Easter.  So flights are generally a bit cheaper (Caribbean Lifestyle has this great map of ALL the flights that now come down to Belize – from Alaska Airlines to Sun Country to United – click here to see it)

That means ALSO that you can get some great deals at some very dreamy resorts.  Like Matachica Resort, for the gorgeous beach and that dock or maybe the Phoenix Resort for the cool and huge, the oh-so-conveninent location, and the Kids’ Club for the festival.

But let’s get to the lobster details!

Lobster season NOW starts July 1st in Belize.  It was adjusted in 2021 (from June 15th) to get in line with our surrounding countries – like Mexico and Guatemala)

2020, the festivals were canceled around the country.  In 2021, San Pedro had an abbreviated and modified schedule (Caye Caulker canceled her festival in 2021) but NOW IT IS BACK.  In all her buttery buttery glory.

LOBSTERFEST in San Pedro 2022  and the calendar of events.

Parties and events take place every day of the week – day and night – at various spots around town.  And then it all culminates with the Saturday night block party.

The block party is the BIG NIGHT in Central Park.  Here is 2019, the last block party and such a fun one.

San Pedro LobsterFest 2019: It Just Gets Bigger and Better

Or the year before…I helped with the judging and…oh my:  San Pedro Lobsterfest 2018 or Eating 16 Different Dishes & Calling It An Early Night

Lobsterfest in Caye Caulker is SUCH a great event.  (Don’t tell anyone in San Pedro, but it is my favorite)

Here’s the last time I was over for it.  

Take a boat over from San Pedro in the morning either Saturday or Sunday – and walk the main road enjoying the vendors, the booths, and the FOOD.  It’s like a giant beach BBQ.

You can’t go wrong.  Eat lots of lobster, drink a few cocktails…maybe go for a swim.

No pressure.  There’s plenty of lobster to go around.



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