Good-Sized Bush Fire at 8.5 Miles North Ambergris Caye OUT

Yesterday, early evening, I started receiving messages from friends around town – is there a big fire up by you?  Opening my door…I didn’t see (or smell) a thing…so I jumped in the golf cart to drive a bit north and take a look.  There had been a fire – fence posts were still on fire on the north end of the Tuto property at about 8.5 miles north.  But it was impossible to see the extent.

I called my neighbor – the fire department had been called earlier in the afternoon.  With winds howling from the north for the last 2 days – there was concern that it would reach closer to homes.  The fire was put out.  No one hurt.

Here is my Google Earth map – and the yellow area is my estimation of where the fire burned.  Now it is just smoldering…with a fence post or two still burning.  And the squawking of lots of distressed birds.

I know these tags are going to be SMALL on your phone.  And the yellow bracketed “fire area” is even smaller.  But work with me.

Here is the link to this area in Google Earth so you can explore on your own.

Here are my photos from this morning.  The fire did not jump over the road (to the west side of the road) where there are a few homes.

The fire did not make it down to the beach front from what I can see.

I understand that this is not good size if we are talking about the mainland of Belize or in other parts of the world – but on this generally densely populated island – this fire was big.  And I’m so glad everyone is ok!


Note:I am almost finished with a blog about the best souvenir shops and items in San Pedro – will be published tomorrow.  If you have any ideas -or suggestions – let me know!  I haven’t purchased a souvenir in San Pedro in ages!  I’d LOVE to hear from you.

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