Things I Think You Need to Know…and Some You Don’t…Around San Pedro Right Now

And more…

This blog post is a hodgepodge, a mixed bag, a potpourri of all the things going on in my life…and on Ambergris Caye over the last week or so.  Jeff’s mom and her friend Ken have been visiting – 9 great days at X’Tan Ha Resort.

beach at xtan haAnd they JUST took off from San Pedro a few minutes ago.

My Camera Is Off For Repair

Packed in their bag is my beloved Canon EOS M50 Mark II camera…less than one-year-old.  Giving an error message…#Err 20 to be exact… something with the shutter.  Sigh…

Belize is very hard on tech equipment and so am I.

The good thing is that it is still under warranty.  The bad thing is that the repair facilities are in Virginia, USA.  If all goes according to (my) plan – I can have it back in a month.  (Shipping back via my consolidator – you can see this post:  Does Belize Have Amazon Prime?)

My fingers are certainly all crossed.

Until it returns, all photos will be brought to you by my iPhone X.

The San Pedro Bridge

The bridge that connects the town and the southern part of Ambergris Caye – and the north side – is well underway.  The plan:  to build a new bridge right next to the old one.  Finish that and then tear down the old bridge and rebuild.

The plans and the pictures as the bridge started at the end of December, 2021.

And then I posted a mid-February update.

Here’s the beginning of April.

One of the few remaining “tombstones” that the Town Council from 2003-2012 erected all over town to tout their accomplishments.  Most have been knocked over and those remaining…have faded to white.

You can see here what this one USED to look like

To the actual bridge!

Walking over…

It’s getting HOT in Belize and the sky has been quite hazy.  You can see where the bridge construction workers are staying…bunk beds in those containers just below the bridge.  I hope they have some VERY powerful fans.

It’s all coming along nicely.

The Road on North Ambergris Caye

Less than a year ago (July 2021) – the town and the residents banded together to do repair work on the unpaved road on North Ambergris Caye.

And things were great…for a while…but then with the fall rains and the constant flow of heavy trucks – the road deteriorated and residents/visitors have been grumbling.  It’s been a very tough drive.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the grader…and the roller at work on the road.

Word thru the neighborhood grapevine is that this will be a serious lasting repair.   My back and my hips will be VERY pleased!

A Fruit/Veg Stand with EVERYTHING

I was just told about this fruit and vegetable stand a few weeks ago.  And honestly?  I didn’t believe it.  And then Jeff went to check it out…and the rumors?  They are true.  Brussel sprouts?  We have it.  Mushrooms and berries?  Yes those too.

Across the street from Annie’s Pastries and Tan’s Mart – just north of the round-about – this unnamed spot has all sorts of amazing fruits and veggies at very very reasonable prices.  Last week I went in for brussel sprouts – $6bzd a pound.  I bought 5lbs…which was OVERKILL but I panicked!  Would I ever see this again!?

Yesterday I got a honeydew melon.  HONEY DEW!  They have pretty passion fruit – in yellow and purple.  And all sorts of stuff…

I’m almost scared to write about it.  It might be too good to be true.  I might be jinxing something…

Look at all those pretty passionfruit.

Honeydew below – next to local favorite, custard apples.

Custard apples are on my top 5 list of fruits in the world.

Tuesday, they get a big shipment and it can be madness…but Wednesdays?  It’s the perfect day to go…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a wall like this in your house?  It’s so beautiful.

Fruit flies might become a problem but still…

There’s my scoop for today.  Tonight I’m headed to a Champagne Tasting Class…it’s work!  And I’ll get you the scoop…

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