Beautiful Public Art Going Up Around San Pedro Now: Go See It!

I have not kept it a secret – I love love love public art.  A quick glance, it makes everyone’s life a bit brighter.  It helps encourage pride in our community.  It excites and uplifts budding artists.  And it can have economic value – rejuvenating neighborhoods and fostering tourism.

I mean…how great would it be to have a Street Art Festival in San Pedro.  Local artists, visitors, an art fair.  T-shirts!  Stickers!  Chalk artists of all ages!

See the history of San Pedro mural by the High School.

But let me slow down just a bit.  Yesterday, some well-known artists started to work To help beautify our town and…I was so excited to be there from the beginning.  I can’t wait to see how the final product!

I love the addition to the colorful paintings around town – many of them painted business signs – MY FAVORITE.  A bit of “art for art’s sake”.

Check them out around town today as they finish up some beautiful murals.

Franky Cardona (his work is incredible) at Hope Haven House – across the street from Maya Island Air

It’s amazing to watch him achieve this level of detail with spray paint.

We asked if he had engaged in some graffiti as a teen/young adult and he hadn’t!  His dad was a police officer, his mom, was quite religious…he first picked up spray paint cans a few years ago.

Bob Marley may not be Belizean…but man is he loved in Belize.

On to the next artists – painting on the previously blank wall adjacent to the Holiday Hotel.  Holiday Hotel – San Pedro’s (and Belize’s) first tourism hotel – over 50 years ago.

We pulled in to find this “playing card” of Andy Palacio – one of Belize’s most beloved artists.  The founder of the Garifuna Collective.

The album “Watina” was playing as the artists worked…

The idea is from the Mexican Loteria game – also called “Chalupa”.  If you aren’t familiar (I wasn’t until last year), take a look at the cards.  It’s a game much like bingo.  And the cards are art in themselves.

This one is by the artist Ms. Sylvia aka DonkeeMom.

And just next to it, a toucan was going up by Liz.

And my last stop – the famous DonkeeBoy (son of DonkeeMom) is working on the wall at The Phoenix Resort.  The Phoenix’s amazing owners have invited the artists here to work…

Check out the beautiful Selena and Tupac mural they did last year just south of San Pedro. (And when you visit…listen too.  There is music playing as you enjoy the artwork.)

And he is just getting started outside.  An interactive mural is just taking shape…

Go check out the artists at work today.

The weather is HOT.  So also do what we did…and tuck inside Red Ginger Restaurant at the Phoenix…yesterday was Sunday brunch.

Even though it was hot…I had the matcha.  Having discovered matcha about 5 years after the rest of you, I’m HOOKED.

And we walked out – towards the beach…a hot but gorgeous day.

If you don’t know about the Phoenix, check out my last stay there.  An Incredible Oasis Right in San Pedro Town

Plus…they have an outpost of my favorite coffee joint (now my favorite matcha joint) – Lavish Habit – right in their restaurant

Of course, I will take pictures when they are finished.  And perhaps an overview of all the public art in San Pedro…we might need a map soon.


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