Wednesday Taking Care of Business: Booster shots & Citizen Paperwork (Again)

Jeff’s home for a week after a month or so of guests at the camp.  It’s a good time to take care of alll the stuff we’ve been…just putting off to the side.  And get them done.  Like getting another COVID booster shot…

Yesterday was the day.  Here’s some of the stuff I got done yesterday afternoon.

First stop, I was dropping something off for my friend Saul at his Cigar Shop.  I didn’t think it was possible but he has added even MORE carvings to the relatively small space.  It looks amazing.

Must-Visit In San Pedro: Saul’s Cigar and Coffee Shop

Cool painted masks that he has for sale – the painting is on wood not pottery – so you don’t need to worry about opening your suitcase to 101 heartbreaking souvenir-shards.

Saul’s friend does the carving – and he can make you carvings too.  Look at our one at the camp for Mocha’s beach area where she takes herself swimming about 100 times a day while at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly.

Next stop:  Photocopies

This photo was taken yesterday – not 10 years ago. (Though it looked the same 10 years ago…)  Pelican Internet. And you might be surprised how many times a year I go into this place.  Dang…I forgot to print something out at home.  Or I need photo copies.  It happens quite a bit.

I needed copies of my passport – the picture page AND the page that has my Residency stamp from 2010.  While crossing the border last week, I was told that I need to get the new Residency Card (rather than the stamp in my old passport) – and if I’m going to travel to Belmopan for that?  I might as well start my Citizenship process.  Again…

It’s something that I started 3 times?  And thought about countless times.  And it’s not that hard…and easy to put off.  Just lots of paperwork, photocopies and passport photos…dozens for them!

The first step – my police report.  #4 on the list.

I then dropped my form, my three passport photos, my passport photocopies, and my $12bzd off at the side window at the police department.

It’ll be ready in 4-5 weeks…

The crazy cool mural at Phoenix Resort just across from the police station is finished.  I’ll share more on that over the next week or two.  (I’m obsessed with the sneakers!  I want these!)

Next step, a physical.  And our next stop was the perfect place to ask about it.  The San Pedro Polyclinic.

Quiet on the outside but bustling inside.  I asked about getting a physical for the Citizenship Application and was told I can come in anytime and wait to see a doctor.  Perfect.

We were there for our 2nd booster shots.  Now available, technically, for 60 or older…and those with co-morbidities and immune issues.  Our first booster was the first week of December.

There were a handful of people waiting…all gringo/expats…some getting a first booster, some the second.  It went fast.  And the nurses just checked my date of the last vax and not my “qualifications”.  (If one can call a co-morbidity a qualification 🙂 )

I got the Pfizer jab (that is all they are offering right now) – a new entry on your vaccination card – and some ibuprofen for later.

So far, I am Astra Zeneca, 2, Pfizer, 2.  COVID, 0.

You can check times and information on the San Pedro town council’s Facebook page.

My arm is sore this morning but I’m glad to have the vaccination available here.

I saw this pamphlet before and at first, it strikes me as funny.  I mean…duh.  Of course the way to NOT get dengue or any mosquito born diseases is to NOT get bit.

But sometimes not getting bit means work…like making sure there is no sitting water on your property (tricky during the rainy season) or being more careful around dawn and dusk.  Thought these disease are rare (i’ve never heard of anyone getting Zika or Chikungunya down here)…it’s good stuff to know.

We took ourselves out for ice cream after our boosters.

At Paradice Ice Cream just south of Tropic Air.  Wondering what White Gold is?  I was too.  White chocolate ice cream, white chocolate chips, cookie dough and caramel swirls.  I got Rocky Mountain Road (chocolate ice cream with marshmallows, marshmallow swirl, pecans, walnuts and…one other nut)


And then we needed to do some shopping for dinner.  A stop at Caye Mart supermarket – where they had just recevied a shipment from the states and…THE STORE IS PACKED with boxes and bins and…all kinds of great stuff.

Here?  It all comes at once!

The fruit stand…

Look at those pretty mamey.

And then on to the Quality Poultry store for chicken.

This can give you a sense of how grocery shopping on Ambergris Caye can be a…whole thing.

That’s it!  Thanks for coming with me.

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