A Walk Around Town: So Many Things Stay the Same

Last week I wrote a post about all the NEW coming to the island – and I barely scratched the surface.  Larger concrete buildings going up…change that is inevitable in a place as special as Ambergris Caye.  But…as I grabbed my camera and walked around San Pedro town yesterday – something I recommend everyone do now and again – I realized how much stays the same.  How much beauty and charm there is…local fruit stands, flowering trees, hand-painted signs…

Here are some of my pictures.

Quick note about the weather: The potential tropical disturbance brewing to the south of us has moved inland (in Nicaragua) and is expected to bring only rain this weekend.  You can take a look at the forecast here but things change quickly in the tropics.  So really only a day or two out is a reliable-ish forecast!

Right now the weather is warm and hazy with a good dose of Sahara dust.

I’ve been taking so many pictures of the same flamboyant trees in town – I”m kinda obsessed.  The people who live around this huge gorgeous one – that peeks over the tops of the homes and businesses on Back Street – must really be getting suspicious of my lurking about with my camera.  They probably think I’m casing their houses.

But it’s AMAZING.  I can’t stay away. I force Jeff to look at it each time I see it. I wonder how old it is…

Flamboyant Tree

Now I’ve let myself into someone’s yard…

On Ambergris Caye, we don’t have a Spring like I used to know in the NE USA…where all at once the barren winter landscape starts budding and blossoming.  Here things are green year-round…but it’s this time of year, as the dry season is coming to an end, where everything looks extra pretty.  And the flamboyant trees are just…well…flamboyant.

Looking down instead of up…

These little turtle basket/boxes make a great souvenir.

The ramen spot on Back Street.  I only hear raves!

You can read this MLB article about why Belizeans are Cubs fans.

Just next door is a new Tourism Information Center.

And back around on the Middle Street of San Pedro.

This shop, Fruteria Michell, does a great job selling cut fruit and fruit salads from the front window.

How great do these specials sound?

THAT’S a lunch!

One of the many cute pre-schools on the island.  I love seeing the door open…and hear the kids and sometimes singing.  It breaks my heart to think of schools that need to be locked up like fortresses in the States.

No matter how often I walk around town, I see something new.  I bought some amazing mangos…they are SOOOO gorgeous right now.  And I lurked around trees.

Strange?  Sure.  But I love this town.

And when I’m mayor? 😉  I’m going to require everyone to plant a flamboyant tree in their yard.  A requirement that will come with your building permit.  The Make San Pedro Flamboyant campaign.

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