My Belize Summer To-Do List: 2022

For the last 6 years, I’ve been putting together a summer to-do list.   I’ve been partly realistic, partly aspirational and, sometimes, partly delusional.  Like 2016.  I still can’t believe I was thinking of engaging in “more selfie taking”.  Was I having some sort of mid-life crisis?

Here is 2016 – Still want to do (again):  Spend 2 nights in Caye Caulker  and Will Never Do!  Stand-Up Paddle Board 3x a week and Try Taking Selfies (who was I kidding?)

2017 was a 2-parter – One and Two – Still want to do:  A week at Glover’s Atoll & Will Never Do:  Get Re-certified in Diving (I need to be honest with my self…it wasn’t my thing)

2018:  Still Want to do:  Summer trip to Merida to visit friends Will NEVER Do:  Nada.  This one was pretty realistic

2019:  Still Want to do:  Visit Lake Bacalar just over the Mexico border

2020:  I skipped it.  The pandemic threw a wrench into my planning

2021:  Still Want to Do:  Road trip – and visit South Belize – from Gales Point (one of the most unique places I’ve visited in the country) down to Punta Gorda

Summer has slightly different connotations in Belize than in say the USA or Canada.  Our northern neighbors experience the best weather of the year – all snow has melted and days are, generally, sunny and warm.  It’s time to get outside.

In Belize, the best weather is in the winter/spring – but that is also our busiest time.  In summer, things heat up…the weather is hot and humid with a chance of rain (still generally at night until we get to late summer/fall)   But it’s also the slow season.  Kids are off from school, adults, especially if they work in the tourism industry, have some time off – and you can plan family time and family trips together.

So…let’s plan.  Nothing too crazy.  Yes, I absolutely want to take 3 months and explore the Yucatan peninsula (I’m dying to) but…let’s be honest.  That’s not going to happen.  At least not now.

Here are the great things I can do this summer to add to my “still want to do” list from above.  I am dying to go to Glover’s Atoll for a week – no wi-fi…just a bungalow over the sea…Jeff can wade and fish…I can read and nap.  Even their website screams GO SLOW.

Try new restaurants in town

There are sooo many new restaurants popping up all over the island.  I want to try so many…but I don’t often go out at night (we live 8 miles north and I’m a homebody) and it can get expensive quickly!  But this summer…I want to get moving.

Here’s my shortlist or at least the ones I can think of right now:  Frenchy’s Restaurant, Ol’ Tacklebox, Ramen 501, go back to La Fonda de Nilo and try the pizza…

501 Ramen

I also need to try the new menu at Wild Mangos.

Visit Caracol

I have never been to the largest Maya site in Belize.  Even Kate and William have been there!  Caracol is a bit more off-the-beaten-path than some of the other sites.  It’s about 25 miles from San Ignacio – on a road that used to be very slow going.  (Pic from Hello Magazine)

Over the last few years, there have been improvements and it’s time to see this city…where, at its height, over 150,000 people lived.  I’ve also received an invitation from Kane Villas to stay with them and to visit Caracol.  There is absolutely no reason not to go.

Eat More Mangos

This seems like a no-brainer…but I need to try harder.  Mangos are for sale all over town right now…with large ones only about $2bzd.  I need to pull over when I see good mangos and buy them.  Eat them plain, with yogurt, we just made some mojo pork and ate it with avocado, grilled onions, and mango (it was incredible) and I need to bake with them.  They make AMAZING cake and crumbles.  This recipe with vanilla ice cream is just over the top great.

One of the three mangos we grew at the camp – our first ever.  NOTHING tastes better than a mango you grew yourself.

Get Over to Caye Caulker

It’s just silly.  Caye Caulker is a 20-minute boat road from San Pedro – and I haven’t been over there in…a year?  It’s just the most beautiful place and I take it for granted.  I need to catch the boat over.  Here’s my last trip.

Talk about taking things for granted…do you know the last time I went in the water here?  Umm…me neither.

Caye Caulker’s Lobster Festival is almost here.  I gotta go. I just gotta.

Finish my Book Update

This is the most important.  I need to finish the 2022/2023 update of my book – 50 Big Things to Do On Ambergris Caye.  It means removing about 10 (places that have closed like Rojo Beach Bar and the Maya site on the island, Marco Gonzalez) and adding new ones.  It means adding a few new sections to the book.  It means GETTING IT DONE!

Mid-July is my deadline.  Pray for me 😉

That’s it.  Short and sweet.  Please send me any suggestions that you have – great things that you have done – delicious places where you have eaten.

I am all ears.




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