New Best Burger on the Island? Patty Flipper Belize

I know, I know…you don’t travel to Belize to have a hamburger.  You come to taste Belizean food, as you should since it’s amazing.  I find that the food of Belize is always a surprise to visitors since they most likely had never heard of Belizean cuisine. and it’s THAT GOOD.

But if you live here…or if you have kids or…you are just craving a tasty burger for lunch, dinner or after you’ve had a few Belikins, I want to make sure that you didn’t come to Belize for a BAD hamburger.  Because trust me…there are plenty of those.

Just a few days ago, Jeff and I stopped at a new spot – a food truck – that is doing fantastic burgers.  I mean REALLY good satisfying hits that I’m-craving-a-good-burger-and-nothing-else-will-do spot and I’m here to tell you about it.

And the fries are amazing too.

Where:  At the Farmhouse Market and Cafe and now burger truck!  About 1/4 miles north of the bridge (if that).  I love this place for so many reasons – they make fantastic reasonably priced fresh juice (I grab the 16oz spinach-orange-ginger almost every day for $6bzd) – they are right on my way home – they have lots of parking and they always have new things.  But you can read more about them here:  New Favorite Business:  Farmhouse Market and Cafe

Now they have refurbished a food truck and they are doing burgers and fries.  That’s it.  Pick one thing and make it great.

And…hooray…they have…

Because for something this simple – meat, bread – there is so much that can go wrong with the hamburger.

Just next door…

We were alone when we sat down but soon 4 or 5 people stopped by.  Here’s the menu.  Simple.

Fries and Burgers.  Burgers have two patties and come with a regular fries.  Little Burgers have one patty and also come with a regular fries.  And…you can upgrade to sweet potato fries or curly fries.

Note:  They are out of curly fries right now – they sold out fast and more will be coming soon.  Also…how does one make curly fries?  How are the slices of potato trained to…

I found the answer.

I heard these curly fries above are AMAZING.  They do all of the fries “well-done”.  Hot and really really crispy.

Toppings – ketchup, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, raw onions, grilled onions and pickles come with.  So head to the “driver” and order.

Here’s Daniel – he and his wife Maria are the brains behind this operation.

Jeff ordered a cheese burger (single) with ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles and grilled onions.

I went mayo, mustard, tomato on my bacon cheeseburger (single).

And his order was SPOT ON.

Mine was pretty delicious also.

This is a great “burger joint burger” not a fancy restaurant or steak house burger.   The beef patty is thin and pressed on the flat top.  Everything melds together into something just delicious.

I asked…the beef is a blend between two different brands for flavor and fat content.

There is no thick patty that makes the burger fall apart or artisan bun where you end up removing the insides or fancy cheese that didn’t quite melt…this is exactly what you are craving.

Here’s how it is served.

It almost makes me wish I had a car rather than a golf cart – so I could place this bag in the passenger seat and…mmmm.  (When you live in San Pedro – island of golf carts – you just might find yourself romanticizing in-automobile dining)

This spot is going to be dangerous on my drive home!

Stop by and check them out.  Let me know what you think.  And also let me know where you’ve tasted your favorite burgers on the island because here are my current favorites in no particular order.

Rum Dog (restaurant-style burger) with a slab of cream cheese and grilled onions

Alaia (fancy restaurant-style burger and splurge but SO GOOD)

Patty Flipper Belize

Dang!  My mouth is watering right now and it’s NOT for a spinach and ginger juice!

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